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Jan 2, 2008 06:07 AM

any mexican restaurants in the heights??

I can't believe that several years ago there wewe several mexican eateries in the heights and now it seems the only option is chipotle grill. Am I mistaken?

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  1. If you consider Atlantic b/t Clinton and Henry, there's Mezcals. Don't think I'd recommend it, though. There's also Mexicali right over Atlantic (so not technically the Heights) on Court, but also not particularly good. I think that's it for Brooklyn Heights.

    1. so 'the heights' refers to brooklyn and not jackson or prospect or crown or cambria? did they get the copyright first? :)

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      1. re: BigV

        Don't bother with Mexicali (just past the Cobble Hill side of Atlantic on Court), I'm pretty sure that was the worst meal I've had since moving to BK Heights almost a year ago

        1. re: BigV

          you know, "the heights, " "the slope." didn't some writer once say every neighborhood gets the restaurants it deserves?

          1. re: guide boy

            If you're in Brooklyn Heights, your best bet is Hecho en Dumbo which as at the Dumbo General Store on Front St. (Sign just says Cafe - Bar). I think they were taking a few days off for the holidays so I'm not sure if it's open again.

            1. re: PeteinDumbo

              I'll second the recommendation for Hecho en Dumbo, but do keep in mind that they are not open for lunch

          2. Please don't go to Mezcals! It's, in my opinion, truly awful. I think the only real option around here is Hecho en Dumbo.