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Jan 2, 2008 05:31 AM

rocky gap resort passover

I was interested in going to the rocky gap resort for passover this year. They are relatively reasonably priced compared to some other resorts? I know it is their second year. Was anybody there last year? Was the service and food good? I am modern orthodox. What was the "crowd" like? Any info is appreciated.

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  1. I went to the Florida program run by the same company (but not the same caterer). It was modern.

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      We are considering elite dimensions orlando program for pesach 2010. I know it was a few years ago, but could you tell me if that is the program you refer to and if so, how was it?

    2. Rocky Gap is only the resort. They don’t organize the actual Passover event. The event is organized by Elite Dimension Tours. They have a web site:

      On one hand it seems that they are pretty strict about the kosher standards. They advertise the following:
      - Under Strict Orthodox Rabbinical Supervision - (NK) National Kashruth
      - Three Glatt Kosher/Cholov Yisroel Gourmet Meals Daily, Freshly Prepared By Our Master Chefs.

      Who is their own "Master Cehfs"? Does not say.

      I could not find on their web site who is the actual caterer. It would be helpful if somebody can post who is the actual caterer for Passover.

      But on the other end, it seems that they are putting together lots of entertainment and a good Passover program. So to me it seems that they are targeting the Modern Orthodox community.

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        I usually check to see if it is gebroks or non-gebrokts. If they don't state that it is non-gebrokts, there is a better chance that it is a Modern Orthodox crowd.

      2. A year later, can anyone give a first-hand review?

        1. We too ar e interested in Rocky Gap. What activities are there at this time of the year at Rocky Gap resort? Its Winter

          1. There is also a HLF tours running a Pesach Program at the Hyatt Regency Chesepeake Bay in Maryland. The hotel looks stunnung & the facilities look expansive. Anyone familiar with HLF?

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              i have never been to either program, but I am originally from the area and I know a bit about both. Rocky Gap is a bit of a lower-tier hotel, and may be a bit of a frummer crowd, but i am sure an MO fam would be just fine there.

              I have heard AMAZING reviews about the Chesapeake program! I know the caterer, he is a great guy, and very trustworthy. Its a bit pricey, but the hotel is new, apparently gorgeous, and people just rave about the program.