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Jan 2, 2008 02:33 AM

Violet Crumble...

I just made my last batch of pancakes with my last bar of Violet Crumble, which I had frozen. It makes a reallllly good pancake.

Does anyone know of a similar candy bar in the U.S.? I guess I can always order online.


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  1. i've occasionally seen them in Stop & Shop in the ethnic section (along with the digestive biscuits & lemon curd)
    LOVE those.

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    1. re: rudysmom

      Really?? Next to the Hobnobs I bet. I never thought to look. Thanks, rudysmom.

    2. Do you have Cost Plus near you? I've seen them there.

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      1. re: emily

        Yeah, Cost Plus always has them...I like the Cadburry Flake bars the best, though

        1. re: KellBell

          yes, cost plus world market always have plenty in stock. also agreed the flake bars are great.

      2. You can also find a similar candy called Honeycomb (not a name brand, just the name of the candy). It's sold in bulk at my Henry's grocery store. Other stores might sell it, or Whole Foods.

        You can also make it at home. Just do a search for honeycomb candy. Adding baking soda at the end is what makes it all puffy.

        1. i'm still reeling that anyone would use Violet Crumble in a pancake!!! uhhhh, shudder. where's the love and respect ;~)