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Jan 1, 2008 08:06 PM

Uni in Santa Barbara area?

I know that Uni (Sea Urchin) is a local speciality in the Santa Barbara area, wondering where I could go for lunch to eat some fresh local Uni? I'll be going to the area with my wife on the way to Sycamore Springs....


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  1. I'm not speaking with any absolute authority here -- I enjoy Uni, and I only assume that any I get at local restaurants is harvested locally (that would make sense, but I guess you never know). For lunch, you might want to try:
    - Deli Sushi A Go-Go, VERY casual place just under Brophy Bros at the Harbor. Not sure they have Uni on the menu daily (or at all) even though it's just steps away from where they unload the Uni from the boats.
    - Ahi Sushi on Upper State (south side of street betw. San Roque & Hitchcock Way); this is an excellent place.
    - Sushi Teri House on Bath Street betw Carrillo & Figueroa. Basic place, nice atmosphere if you sit on the deck on a nice day, but not 5-star.

    I'd recommend calling any of these places on the day in question just to make sure they'll even have Uni on the menu for lunch. It's never guaranteed. Find phone numbers from the listings at

    A couple other sushi places I would recommend (Arigato, Edomasa) don't serve lunch.