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Mar 3, 2001 10:17 PM

Cerritos/Arteisa eating places

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I have just moved into the Cypress area, and found that there are not many choices for good Chinese/Japanese/Thai food eating places here. But this afternoon, I drove to Artesia/Cerritos and found a number of restaurants. Does anyone know what is good around this area? What do you recommend, and what would you avoid?

Also, are there any good options for dim sum in this area?

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    Gretchen ehrenberg

    Not to be a downer, but Cerritos/Artesia is quite possibly the most horrid area for good dining. I believe there are Indian places in this area, but quite often I see the places in this area listed in the health warnings in the LA Times.
    Luk Yue has a branch in the area, but this was on the Health Dept. hit list. It may be clean now, however.
    I do hope someone has something more positive to say!
    Drive on down Valley View to Huntington Beach and Westminster for decent food.

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    1. re: Gretchen ehrenberg

      I always get a rush reading about a closure to a restaurant I've eaten at. After eating at stands throughout Mexico and Central America, a failing grade in L.A. is antiseptic compared to some of those places.
      Plus hot sauce kills all germs.

      1. re: Bob Barnett

        Vodka has a sanitizing effect, too, research has shown.

      2. re: Gretchen ehrenberg

        Are you out of your mind?

        The Cerritos/Artesia area has probably six out of the best ten Indian restaurants in Southern California (try Shan for Hyderabadi biryanis; Jay Bharat for informal Gujarati snacks; or the great Madhu's Dasaprakash for fancy Southern Indian cooking, among others); the best Indonesian in L.A. (Susie's Deli); a wonderful Pakistani (Shanawaz); and extremely creditable Chinese, Korean and Filipino choices. Artesia Bakery has an amazing selection of Dutch baked goods. Golden Dome has the best felafel anywhere.

        I would almost rather go to restaurants in this area than anywhere else in the state.

        1. re: Pepper
          Gretchen Ehrenberg

          While I take a bit of offense at Pepper's "are you out of your mind" I did say that there were Indian Places
          (which is what she mentioned right off. What I negelected to say is that I have not tried the Indian places as I am not fond of that cuisine). I do acknowledge the existence of a Dutch-Indonesian community, but again refer to my observation of the frequent health warning on places in this area. I will look into this area more closely as it is not far from where I currently live. Fair enough for someone out of her mind?

          1. re: Gretchen Ehrenberg


            I guess that means go for it! Having spent part of my life in "third-world" countries, including some time in the jungles of Borneo, and been exposed to, let's just say, interesting conditions when it comes to food preparation, I think I agree with Bob and am willing to risk it! I will try out a few of the local places and report back sometime in the future! Hopefully not from a hospital bed ! (Wink! Wink!)

            BTW, I am told that the Ten Ten Seafood Restaurant at 18868 Norwalk in Artesia is a good choice for dim sum and lunch. I am dying for good dim sum in Orange County (like a few others on this board apparently!) Can anyone verify this about the Ten Ten? I have found that the variety and quality of dim sum at restauarants in OC to be rather limited... is that what others found too?

            And, oh, I remember having dined quite a while back (I had forgotten about this experience earlier; a friend took me there when I first moved to the LA area a few months ago) at the Sam Woo at 19008 Pioneer in Cerritos and it was very, very good. It was a while back and I remember two of the dishes we had were the Roast Duck Deep Fried in Yam and the Stir-Fried Beef with Asparagus. The Roast Duck was moist and juicy with a generous amount of Yam covered with a crispy layer of golden deep fried coating. The beef was tender served with crispy fresh asparagus, stir-fried at just the right consistency. It was a simple meal but just delicious! I am going to try the Sam Woo again, and yes, I highly recommend it!

          2. re: Pepper
            Tom Armitage

            Pepper's right. This is a wonderful area to explore. Take a day, and just wander around, snacking or eating at any place that looks interesting, and poking around in grocery stores and general merchandise shops. If you're unfamiliar with the food or an item of merchandise, most stores and restaurants will try to educate you. I highly recommend a visit to Surati Farsan Mart on 186th St. just east of Pioneer. They have a web site for which I've provided a link below.

            I'm in the category of those who don't sweat the health department ratings. If a place is truly unsafe, the health department will shut it down. The fact that the health department allows a restaurant or food store to continue to serve the public, though with a "B" or "C" rating, speaks for itself. Someday, perhaps, I'll do a longer piece on my views on safety. Until then, suffice to say that with food as with love, a "no-risk" policy significantly narrows the bandwidth of experience, highs as well as lows.

            Now, back to shopping for a motorcycle.


            1. re: Tom Armitage

              "Until then, suffice to say that with food as with love, a "no-risk" policy significantly narrows the bandwidth of experience, highs as well as lows."

              Tom, Wonderful analogy! pat

              1. re: pat hammond
                Gretchen Ehrenberg

                I will give a little on the health issue here in the USA. When I return to Germany, I will be facing a continent in fear of BSE and Foot and Mouth. When I lived in Thailand, I frequently ate from street vendors, but generally foods that were grilled or boiled. Paranoid, maybe but can you blame a person who may not be able to get a good steak or my beloved W├╝rst when I get home?

        2. If you couldn't live in the San Gabriel Valley or near Chinatown, Cerritos would be the next best place for someone who likes Chinese food. There are quite a number of very good Chinese seafood restaurants, including the already mentioned Ten Ten, as well as Seafood City (11610 South St.), Great Sea Food House (18329 Pioneer) and Sam Woo Seafood (19008 South St.). There's also the best authentic upscale Chinese seafood restaurant in all of Southern California in Prince Seafood (11828 South). There's also good H.K. cafe style food at Jo Jo Cafe (18311 Pioneer) and T & T Cafe (16511 Pioneer). And for top Szechwan food there's Little Szechwan at 18868 Norwalk Bl., back to back with Ten Ten.

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          1. re: Chandavkl

            Thanks for all the tips! Looks like I might be exploring for a week or more! (G)

            BTW, do you know if the Ten Ten serves dim sum and can you comment on the quality/variety?

            1. re: Rich

              Ten Ten did have dim sum the last time I was there, but that was a while back. As I recall, Great Sea Food House and Prince also serve dim sum.