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Jan 1, 2008 07:21 PM

Charleston Anniversary Dinner

We will be in charleston for a night for part of an anniversary trip and need to know where to go for dinner. We are staying at the Planters Inn so the Peninsula Grille is obvious choice but have heard good things about Anson too and other places.

If you were eating in charleston for your anniversary (10th) - where would you go??

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    1. re: snobofwine

      Agreed. Charleston Grill is outstanding, and the service is impeccable. Get a banquette near the jazz band and snuggle up and share dishes. Perfect.

    2. Aside from Penninsula Grill, Circa 1886 in the Wentworth Mansion or drive out to The Woodlands Resort and eat at the chef's table in their restaurant.

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      1. re: BlueHerons

        The Woodlands is a long drive, it is best to stay overnight if you plan on drinking.

        1. re: penny35

          Not interested in driving - frankly would prefer to walk. We are just in Charleston for the night and then going to the Sanctuary for the weekend. We are eating in the Ocean Room Saturday night so I really just want really good food in a fun atmosphere, not the 3 hour meal type place.

          Thanks for all the ideas!