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Mar 3, 2001 03:20 PM

Brazilian Churrascaria in Torrance

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By Brazil 1-Churrascaria, 1615 Cabrillo Ave., Torrance
M-F 11:30-9:30, Sat.-Sun. Noon-9:30 310-787-7520

Rodizio-style (all-you-can-eat with a buffet). Most of the buffet items were good to very good. They had proper black beans with plenty of manioc powder and greens to add. Their stewed plantains were very good, and the ravioli-like dish, though greasy, was still quite tasty. They have a proper Cafe Zinho (Strong Brazilian coffee) and the usual Guanabana soda. I ordered the chicken only, which was very tender and moist with a wonderful charred exterior. They had some leftover sausages so were giving that out as a bonus. They were the best thing there. Great flavor, not too greasy, with a juicy interior, and nice crackly skin. Having just been in Brazil, I would say that this place isn't as good as some of the big-deal Churrascarias in Rio such as Porcao and Barra Grill, but for a small mom & pop operation it comes close. I've heard of two other churrascarias in L.A., one in the Valley and the other in Chino Hills. Any good? My favorite in the L.A. area before this place was Ginka Brazil in Anaheim, but they are no more.

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  1. Another good choice is the Rio Churrascaria in La Habra on Rosecrans

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      Sorry, I have to disagree with Rich. The Rio has a few
      more vegetable dishes(non-Brazillian), but this does
      not make up for the over-cooked meat. I've been going
      to By Brazil since I was introduced in 94, they've been
      consistently good (although I do miss the old brand of Guarana they used to have). If it's not too busy they'll ask you what you want more of and how well done; this place is much more personal. By Brazil's
      chicken stroganoff(w/hot sauce added) is enough to get me there. Go to Rio ONLY if you're looking to have a large party with music(they have a banquet room).

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        Richard Foss

        I have always enjoyed By Brazil, and it is patronized by the local Brazilian community. The last time I was there, there was a large party from the Brazilian Consulate - an especially good sign since the consulate is located up on Wilshire.

        They occasionally have a rather good red wine from Southern Brazil, and it's worth trying.