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Jan 1, 2008 06:54 PM

Tamarind sauce?

Does anyone know where I can find tamarind sauce/concentrate with at hechsher in the NY/NJ area? I have recipe on how to make it, but it just seems much too complicated for me.

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  1. For kosher tamarind concentrate go to a mexican/latin store and go to the candy section. They sell little containers of liquid tamarind candy some with more or less amounts of sugar that you can actually use to cook. Look for the most common Mexican hecksher which is a VK with two alephs under (Mexican orthodox ashkenazi). An example is one called "Pelon Pelo Rico". Another option without much sugar but a bit spicy is a candy called Pulparindo in a yellow or red plastic wrap (red is spicier) that can be used as a paste. Pulparindo does not have a written hecksher on the package but it is supervised by KMD-Mexico (Kehillat Maguen David). To see these two examples and to buy online if you cannot find them locally, follow these two URLs:


    I forgot to mention a much better option called Pulpadip (brand is Lucas). It is a tamarind sauce mildly spicy perfect for cooking. It has the VK-aleph-aleph hecksher. I have used it for pad thai and also for salad dressings. To see what it looks like or ordering online check:

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      check in bklyn at the sephardic stores like cholon on kings highway or at pomegranate. i know pomegranate sells setton farms and the sephardic store makes their own

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        If you are looking for an unsweetened tamarind sauce, get tamarind pods at an Asian supermarket, and stew them as you would prunes. You need to press them after stewing them, and then strain the liquid using a mesh strainer, or, better yet, a coffee filter.

        The resulting liquid is pretty tart. You can cook it down to a syrup, but you will need to take care not to let it scorch.

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          I&D Glatt in Ave P in Brooklyn makes their own.

      2. Setton Farms is a new york based distributor that produces Tamarind under its own label. It can be found in most supermarkets in the refridgerated produce section.

        1. any syrian/middle eastern store on kings highway in brooklyn.
          sarah's tent on norwood in deal, nj.
          probably at kalustyan's on lexington and 28th in manhattan.

          1. I believe I saw some in ShopRite in Englewood.