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Jan 1, 2008 06:41 PM

Warning: Overpriced wine shop in Dallas, TX.

Buyer beware! Wanted to share a poor experience at a relatively new wine shop in Dallas. Steer clear of this wine shop, and avoid the mistake I made.

The wine shop is "Brut: A Champagne Boutique” on Mockingbird in Dallas, TX (

The seller marks nearly all sparkling wines at $25. I purchased a Gruet Brut; I nice bottle, but $13 nice at Tom Thumb, vs. the $25 I paid. I love to support to local guy, but this is ridiculous.

The blame is on me, as I should have known better. But it's disappointing to see a seller like this in business.

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  1. Thanks for this post , mbreed....'tis appreciated .

    1. I would expect a higher price at the local smaller establishment but, that is substantially higher. Maybe Tom Thumb got a great deal on that item or the shop owner is trying to make a larger profit margin.

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      1. re: sl1

        Gruet sells for around $15 (more or less) in most grocery stores and in New Mexico (where it's made). They do have a more expensive sparkler, but it usually sells in the $40s. Given that Brut is positioning themselves a sort of a party spot, I imagine they have chosen a restaurant pricing policy rather than straight retail.

        1. re: dalaimama

          It's funny, the owner I spoke with made a point to mention that everything is priced retail, and that you can enjoy a bottle in the shop at the same price as taking one home. I agree with you that it seems the opposite is taking place.

          1. re: mbreed

            Is this wine shop connected to a restaurant called Trader Joe's and Hotel Palomar? If so, I would not be surprised if their prices were high. You are paying for the atmosphere despite what the owner says. Maybe the higher end wines are sold at retail.

            1. re: BellaDonna

              My thoughts exactly. That whole location reeks of high prices.

              Hands down, Goody Goody has the best wine selection and prices in town except for the occasional World Market sale prices.

              1. re: Scagnetti

                Gotta agree here. sometimes the ol' world market throws down some awesome deals on wine. watch their adds from time to time and you'll see...