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Jan 1, 2008 06:35 PM

Laos Cuisine in ABQ

For something a bit different... Sakura Sushi at 4200 Wyoming NE, just south of Montgomery, has a Laos section on their menu. They also have Thai and Japanese selections but judging from the fairly large crowd we saw one afternoon, sushi is the big draw. We ordered a Laos sausage special and laab and enjoyed both. The laab was similar enough to Thai larb we've had that it could be chalked up to restaurant to restaurant differences but the waitress insisted that the Laotian version includes includes both green and yellow onions as well as more lime. They also have Laotian dishes pad voon sen, pad broccoli, fried talapia, neuh yean and kao soy soup on the list. The waitress told us that neuh yean is a type of beef jerky popular in Laos. It appears to be strictly a family business and we were treated very well.

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  1. Larb is actually a traditional Lao dish that's served at Thai restaurants due to the overwhelming Lao population living in northeast Thailand (Issan region). There's no such thing as "Thai Larb".

    1. Thanks for the heads-up, Doug. :)