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Jan 1, 2008 06:08 PM

Seeking DELIVERY Options Lakewood Area

Ok, so i moved to this town (not by choice but by marriage!) called Lakewood, California! Ok...the coolest part is actually are outside playing until 8 pm! Not only that but...we have SIDEWALKS! I thought while living in the Valley, that SIDEWALKS in neighborhoods were an urban legend! I remember watching the "wonder years" and are those things really in neighborhoods!?

On with my rant later about that whole suburb life/city life....

My main complaint is this:


I don't get it! Don't these people realize that if you deliver your goods....the more the word travels? the more the word travels...the more business you generate???? HOLY GOD! NO

All the pizza "deliveries" are ....sad to say...CRAP! Banducci's as I have been eager to give my business to...said "we don't deliver to that area" (They are at Del Amo....I'm by Heartwell Golf Course)....serious! I was even offering to pay which the woman replied "no". Not a polite "no" just a rude flat

Anyone...know of ANY good eats that will deliver to my sad little neighborhood? I'm right by Monroe middle school. Chinese foods, pizza, ANYTHING! Those sick days are getting more and more...with a 2 year old attending Tot Lot....need DELIVERY!

Places I've tried:
Laventino's *only had a good pie once*
Valentino's *odd...was good when I was food sucks*
Papa Johns *eew*
Pizza hut *desperation*
Domino's *seriously....i was that desperate* the Valley...omg....I know of good pizza places that deliver from ventura blvd. to moorpark/ventura....all the way to cahuenga/ventura....up the hill to border mullholland....and as far into NoHo....WHAT IS UP WITH THIS GRID OUT HERE!

......sad....sad sad....

so anyone...any advice...throw it my way!

Thanks! For reading and of course...replying...*yes..i did a search for Delivery Lakewood, california...not much came up....*

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  1. Welcome to the burbs. I grew up in Cerritos/Bellflower and now live in Long Beach. We do have many more places that deliver in Long Beach, sorry. If you are close enough to a Charo Chicken, they deliver. I like this place so much better than El Pollo Loco.

    Another consideration is that many of the restaurants have convenient pick-up parking, at least some of the chains by the mall do.

    When you are ready to venture out, you will find that we have many great places to eat around Lakewood.

    Once again, Welcome.

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      Who delivers in Long Beach that's not pizza???

        1. re: justagthing

          "many more places that deliver in Long Beach"

          Is Char-o-chicken my only option? Never been a big fan.

          1. re: Oh Robin

            I don't do delivery as I use to, but there use to be a company that offered many delivery choices. It's been a many a year, not sure if they are still around. But they offered the menus of various restaurants and you could order from any and they would pick up and deliver to you. But, as I said, not sure if it is still around, and if it isn't hmmmm....maybe a business that someone could get started up again.

    2. For pizza try Rezzini's. It's right over the line in Long Beach where Los Coyotes Diagonal & Studebaker meet. phone 439-8989.

      They may not be up to New York standards, but they do a pretty good pie their sandwiches are good too.

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        Rezzini's is good. Sorry but I've lived in Lakewood/Long Beach my whole life and the only place I know that delivers (I'm in Signal Hill) that's not pizza is Cafe Bixby. Not sure if they'll deliver to Lakewood though. I do miss Laventina's meatball subs though. They won't deliver way over here.

        Cafe Bixby
        3900 Atlantic Ave, Long Beach, CA 90807

        Laventina's Pizza
        5806 Bellflower Blvd, Lakewood, CA 90713

      2. Welcome to the hood...

        There's a ZPizza (newish) on Carson next to the Lakewood Golf Course. They deliver if you're in their service area. They have some nice sandwiches ( I love that Pollo Latino one) in addition to pizzas (which I like.. sort of CPK-ish type).

        logon to for details.

        If you can do pickup as opposed to takeout, Thai Corner restaurant over at Paramount and Carson is excellent and believe it or not they have a drive thru lane. Doubt they do delivery as it's a small family run place.

        I occasionally get hangers from other Thai restaurants in the area that do delivery but haven't paid attention to them.

        1. You might try the website. They deliver for a fee from a variety of restaurants and do service the Lakewood area. I have used them in the Carson area for business and I believe they deliver to homes as well. I love Banducci's also; Sure wished they delivered.

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            i knew there was a company that did delivery from various places. so glad you posted the info. thanks ogawak

          2. My husband (who is Chinese) and I always order from LV Seafood - It's a local Chinese restaurant in Lakewood on 4139 Norse Way. (562) 938-8088
            Things to try: Sizzling Steak w/ Black Pepper, Chicken Lo Mein, Sweet & Sour Fish Fillet, Shrimp & Sizzling Rice Soup, Crab w/ Ginger & Green Onions and House Special Pan Fried Noodles. AVOID the Orange Chicken

            Thai Villa also delivers and they make an amazing Pad Gra Pow (Chicken) My husband loves the Corn Cakes (very fatty and delicious) (562) 920-3785

            Hope that helps!