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Mar 3, 2001 06:27 AM

Wood Ranch BBQ

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    Richard Foss

    The side dishes are above average in both variety and quality, the ribs OK but not stellar.

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    1. re: Richard Foss

      camarillo location

      they used to be good....

      I think this is one of those resturants that has gotten too big for thier britches.

    2. Woodranch runs hot & cold depending when you go. We've had the best ribs, and some really "fatty" ones too. I was told the later in the evening you go, the "leaner"
      the meat gets in as much as fat content. i'm old by one of the cooks it gets baked off?

      Side dishes are pretty good though, especially the
      peanut cole slaw! My kids love the garlic rolls!

      Still better than most.

      1. I love great BBQ. I went to Wood Ranch once. I never went back.