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Mar 2, 2001 01:29 PM

Palm Springs restaurants?

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I shall drive to Palm Springs on Saturday, 3 March. Please recommend good delicatessens, places for date shakes, and other restaurants.

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  1. For dateshakes, stop at Hadley's on the way there.

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    1. re: Bob Barnett

      My favourite romantic spot is Tony's Pasta Mia on Palm Canyon. The quaint diner award goes to Don & Sweet Sue's on Perez Road just off Date Palm.
      The Sweetwater Saloon (on Palm Canyon 111 just after you enter Palm Springs) makes a good burger.
      I am not fond of the Deli or Asian food, but perhaps others know more on that then I.

      1. re: Gretchen.Ehrenberg

        Many thanks, Mas, Geretchen, Elliot and Bob. We breakfasted at Stewart's in PS and the French toast was light and excellent. If Nate's was not closed, with a "For Lease" sign in the window, we'd have eaten there. As it turned out, by dinner time we were in San Gabriel. Next time I'll try the Cathedral City Mexican and the Indio date shake after an afternoon chasing phainopeplas at Joshua Tree. I do not care for the shakes at Hadley's, which I find far too thick.

    2. For date shakes, go to Shields Date Garden in Indio

      1. I know this post is a little late for your March 3rd trip. So save it for next time you are out there in the Coachella Valley.

        This is a few miles ouside of Palm Springs proper, but last time we went to Palm Desert we ate at Peppinos in the Westfield Shoppingtown Mall outside in back next to the Cineplex theaters (72-840 Hwy 111). Man oh man, we discovered a real winner there. It was fantastic! We had Caesar salad, scampi, and Linguine w/red clam sauce. Tons of garlic in everything. No vampires around for miles. The chef/owner comes out of the kitchen occasionally to ask if the dishes are being enjoyed, and if there is anything the diners need. They serve their homemade bread and focaccia with an oil/garlic sauce with a little bit of mashed green olives in it for bread dipping. Never had anything so good. We stumbled on this place quite by accident, but now we can't wait for our next trip to the desert.

        Another recommendation out that way is La Casita, 34-272 Date Palm Drive, Cathedral City. Great home-style Mexican food at really low prices. The dishes (Fajitas, camarones, flautas, carnitas, etc) are humungous, and I've never been able to finish a plate. The chips and salsa are just so-so, and they have a full service bar. Their two other locations are in Indio and Palm Springs.

        One caveat - for both these recommended restaurants, you practically have to be a garlic freak to enjoy, although I'm sure they would reduce or eliminate it if you prefer it that way.