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Jan 1, 2008 05:05 PM

Kosher Hot Buffalo Wings

Does anyone know of a source for kosher non-breaded Hot Buffalo Chicken Wings? I had Meal Mart and they are breaded. That is just wrong.

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    1. The original comment has been removed
      1. Dougies Express-Midtown has awesome Buffalo Wings!!

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        1. re: rdchowhound

          I am less than impressed with Dougie's wings. I also think that they are breaded.

          1. re: Shiguy

            I found that the Dougie's wings have gone downhill. I would recommend the wings at Clubhouse Cafe - they are not Buffalo wings but they have a fine smoky garlic flavor.

            1. re: Kosher Critic

              I agree that they are pretty easy to make at home. I like the curried Buffalo wings. You add curry powder and powdered mustard to the standard marinade. I also like quite a bit of salt in the marinade. Marinate them in a freezer bag overnight, boil them in the marinade, and then brush them with oil before sticking them under the broiler.

        2. For wonderful hot wings, do the following:
          1. Buy 2 1/2 lbs fresh wings and separate them at the joints
          2. Deep fry them in vegetable oil at 350F for 15 minutes
          3. Toss them in a mixture of 1/2 cup Frank's Red Hot and 1/3 cup margarine (find margarine without milk solids, to keep it kosher)
          4. Enjoy!

          I've found that baking wings ends up in unfathomable tears and sadness in comparison.


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          1. re: sirregular

            I hear you, sir, but I must say that if you hit the wings with a nice spicy rub, then bake, you can get a nice char on them... then toss in the Franks, margarine, and a little extra cayenne, and maybe a dash of worchestershire sauce. Looks like this... not half bad!

            1. re: sirregular

              I agree. Baking wings doesn't work. Must be deep fried. I like to use Peanut oil rather than vegetable oil. I started this post looking for store bought (frozen) wings but I am enjoying the replies. Thanks for posting.

              1. re: scoseg

                I bake the wings, but first boil them in hot sauce. The wings are cooked by the time they come out of the hot sauce. The purpose of baking is to bake on the hot sauce as a glaze and dry out the skin, then either dribble hot sau ce on top, or dip them in hot sauce. delectible! Forget the deep frying. We don't deep fry in our house because the smell sticks around for days.

                1. re: ganeden

                  Thanks for the tip. I have an outdoor fryer that solves the smell issue.

                  1. re: ganeden

                    ganeden- how long do i fry before baking? how much time to bake?

                    my super bowl party thanks you.

                    1. re: morris

                      I don't fry them, as I said. there's no breading on them. Just baked to dry our and crisp the skin. And boiling in the hot sauce, maybe 15 minutes tops, with a big batch- these are small pieces of meat, the wings, so it doesn't take that long to cook them through, and not much use to have the meat falling off the bones.

                      1. re: ganeden

                        What water/sauce ratio do you use for the boiling? Do you make your own or just use something like Franks?

                        1. re: elmoz

                          No water, just hot sauce. But you can reuse it.

                    2. re: ganeden

                      I wanted to make Buffalo Wings for shabbos dinner. Do you simply cook them in unadulterated hot sauce, or do you add in other stuff? Would you imagine they will keep until dinner (on the blech)? In other words, do you think they will stay moist, or will they get too dried out over the hour or two between candlelighting and getting to the main course? (Shul, walk home, kiddush, and soup course will precede.)

                      1. re: queenscook

                        I've been served them for Shabbat dinner and they were fine. I can't speak for the cooking method you're planning and I'm not sure exactly how my host cooked them, but they were not dry.

                        1. re: queenscook

                          Unadulterated hot sauce. If you then bake them jsut a bit, they stay moist.

                          1. re: ganeden

                            Thanks; I'll be giving it a try next week.

                            1. re: queenscook

                              Just following up . . . I made baked buffalo wings for this past Shabbos dinner. As ganeden suggested, I boiled them for a few minutes (probably about 15, as suggested) in unadulterated hot sauce (mostly Frank's, but I threw in a touch of something I had in the fridge called "Moore's Buffalo Wing Sauce"). After that, I baked them for a bit longer, dribbling a bit more of the Moore's on them. Took them out of the oven and left them on the blech, in the pan I had baked them in, covered, and they stayed quite nicely for the approximately two hours between putting them on the blech before shabbos and getting to the main course at about 7:00 PM. The hubby loved them (admittedly, neither of us has ever had "real" Buffalo wings, kosher or traif), but we both liked them, so for us, that's what counts.

                  2. I hear Glatt Ala Carte in Brooklyn has really good buffalo wings