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Jan 1, 2008 04:38 PM

Green Eggplant

Can I eat it? Thanks

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  1. If you mean the round ones sold in Indian markets, yes. I don't know about long ones that are green.

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    1. re: comestible

      I think it's green Japanese eggplant....

      1. re: MIss G

        Some Japanese eggplant has a big green streak- is that what you mean? Still useable, just firmer.

        1. re: torty

          It's completely green but I left it on the plant the longest, hoping it would develope color....

          1. re: MIss G

            There are some wonderful eggplants that are green in color---no matter how long they are left on the plant. Most purple eggplants are purple from the very beginning. One of my favorite eggplants to grow is Louisiana Long Green. It's a "skinny" eggplant that is light green in color. It's especially delicious in Thai curry. I'm jealous---I picked my last eggplants months ago!

            1. re: MIss G

              So does that mean you had others on same plant that got purple? Sometimes late in the season which this would be they just stay green. Grill it with olive oil and garlic and have a taste.

              1. re: torty

                No, I had two eggplant bushes...the green eggplant one and a "regular" one that had the big purple kind....

                1. re: MIss G

                  Sounds like you got a "sport" or variant plant. As said above, eggplant doesn't start out one color and change.
                  Let us know how it is!

      2. I know it has been a while since this thread but does anyone have any good recipes for using a green eggplant or have any cooking suggestions? I have found some recipes to fry the eggplant but just looking for other suggestions.

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        1. re: fullogirl

          My favorite way to eat long, green eggplants is in a Thai curry. I use Maesri brand curry paste (red, green, yellow, or our favorite, Panang), and follow the directions on the can. For the Panang curry, that means stir-frying the paste with a bit of oil, then adding coconut milk. I then add sliced chicken breast, half a red bell pepper (in large dice), and the chopped eggplant. Let it simmer for about 10 minutes, then add some green beans (or chopped Yard Long beans). Simmer a few more minutes, then add chopped cilantro and Thai basil. Simmer a few more minutes, and when beans are tender (but still crisp), serve over hot Jasmine rice. You can add other veggies, too. This time of year I have lots of zucchini on hand, so I add it, chopped, about 5 minutes after adding the chicken, etc.

          1. re: fullogirl

            Cut in half lengthwise, make severl diagonal slashes in the flesh (but do't go through the skin), insert thin slices of garlec. Then coat with olive oil, squeeze some lemon juice over, oregano, salt, and pepper, and bake in a medium oven until soft and cooked through.