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Jan 1, 2008 04:32 PM

Babalu - Minneapolis

Had a fun/great meal at this restaurant about 4 years ago, and decided to re-visit it this weekend. The appetizers/tapas were good, the entrees okay, and the whole thing really more expensive than it needed to be. I'm not afraid to pay big money for a great experience; this one didn't cut it, though. Rumour has it that Babalu has turned into more of a night hot spot - we didn't stick around to see any of that action. For just dinner, you may want to consider some of the other top notch choices in the Twin Cities.

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  1. My wife and I were there back in November and fell in love. We ordered their Paella and it was simply the best in the Twin Cities!

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      That's interesting. I had the paella as well a couple months ago and I thought it was okay but not great by any means. The restaurant had a nice vibe and the salsa scene seemed to be pretty vibrant but the food didn't work for me. It would be a decent place if they charged half as much but at it's current prices, I found it to be very overpriced for what you got.

      1. re: doraji

        Wondering if there've been any more recent visits to this restaurant to update us. Is it still a 'scene' location? How's the noise level? Dishes other than paella? (I assume it contains the typical shellfish, which is a non-starter for half of this chow unit.)

        Anyone tried their 'cuban style lunch buffet'? Website has a dollar off coupon...