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Do you know anywhere I can get mango ice cream?

I reside in Markham Ontario and desperately seek mango ice cream and I am not talking about little servings that are sold with a bento box in a Japanese restaurant. Perhaps something sold in a grocery store or outlet. Any feedback would be helpful.

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  1. Man i love mango ice cream too. i've only had it a tiny scoop at a time at the jap restaurants.

    1. I don't know but I suggest that you check T&T.

      1. I'm almost positive that the bakery at J-Town has it, in a freezer tub beside the cash register. They also have green tea, red bean, and black sesame. mmm...

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          Yes, they definitely have it there. That's the one flavour I tried at J-Town.. texture-wise, I found it pretty hard/icy for an ice cream...

        2. The following stores in Markham sell Kawartha Dairy ice cream in tubs. Kawartha Dairy includes mango flavour in its product list. Whether these stores actually carry the mango flavour, you'd have to call and check -

          Bombay Bazaar
          7657 Kennedy Rd.
          (416) 421-0786

          8555 Woodbine Ave.
          (905) 307-8555

          The Garden Basket
          9275 Markham Road at 16th Ave.
          (905) 471-0777

          1. Not mango ICE CREAM, but Gelato Fresco does their sorbet/fruit ice called Alfonso Mango. It's pretty darn amazingly close to eating a fresh mango, but it isn't strictly ice cream.

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              Gelato Fresco's Alfonso Mango is truly amazing..if you have never tried it, it's definitley worth pursuing...sometimes difficult to find but keep trying!

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                Personally, I find the Gelato Fresco stuff to be a touch too sweet for my preferences but I have to agree that the stuff is fragrant and is as close to eating a fresh mango as you can get in the world of frozen desserts. And yes, you can definitely get mango ice cream at T&T along with other interesting flavours like black sesame, ginger, red bean, etc. Although, I have to say that I don't like the texture of the ice creams at T&T -- I find them either too gummy or too airy. Plus I find the flavours too fake tasting, and this is particularly true with the mango for some reason. But anyway, the T&T stuff may suit your tastes so I recommend you try it and decide for yourself.

            2. I've purchased Mango Ice Cream at T&T and also at the supermarket on the east side of Bayview, just north of Briggs/Bantry. I'm sorry I don't know the name of that supermarket.

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                This is what I love about Chowhounds! Thanks for all the suggestions.

              2. Filipino Stores often carry the Magnolia brand of Mango ice cream. Don't know whwere you are, but west of Hwy. 27, on Albion Rd., it is availablle with the buffet at Exotic Indian Cuisine. Kishor makes it and also has it available to buy for take out. Some few Indian Stores carry it, was surprised when in the Markham Rd Sheppard area in the far East, an Indian store had it!!

                1. Ed's Ice Cream in the Beaches makes a fantastic home made Mango Ice Cream. They also make a dairy free sorbet. Both are fantastic, and available in take home containers

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                    You have to try Tropical Treets (130 Bermondsey, at Bartley, 416-759-8777. You will be amazed!!!

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                      Yes indeed, Tropical Treats slipped my mind as I was just heading out in a rush, and worth the trip for the many offerings. I found it years ago in the hot summer and regretted that I could not buy anything to bring so far north west. To my surprise, No Problem, I was able to buy whatever I wanted and they graciously packed it in dry ice!!!

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                        All Asian supermarkets have mango icecream.
                        T&T at Warden & Steeles, Middlefield & Steeles
                        The 2 supermarkets at market village (Kennedy & Steeles)

                        Magnolia is the better brand. While you are at it, ginger and taro icecream are very yummy as well (they are 2 separate flavours).

                  2. Haagen Daaz makes mango ice cream.

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                      Would you please tell us where we can find the Haagen Daaz one? Thanks!

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                        I've seen Haagen Daaz mango ice cream at my local Shoppers. I'm not sure if they carry it regularly, but most Shoppers with a frozen food section carry a large Haagen Daaz selection. My favourite these days though is sticky toffee pudding.

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                          haagen daz makes mango sorbet, but it has a really luscious mouth feel similar to a fine ice cream. (i'm speaking from washington, dc area. presume haagen daaz varieties are the same as in ontario)

                          try indian shops for mango kulfi.

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                          I've seen it in the past at Reithers on Church, but admittedly it's not something I really keep my eye out for so I'm not sure if they carry it regularly. They generally have a good selection of Gelato Fresco and Haagen Daaz products.

                      2. President's Choice makes a wicked mango sorbet. It's like a flavour explosion

                        1. for sure any asian store would have mango ice cream. for people downtown/west there's a roti shop on queen west (around landsdowne) called ALI'S ROTI SHOP and they make realy great homemade tropical icecreams, packed in single servings to go or larger 500mL containers. my favourites are the soursop and coconut but they make mango too which is really good. while you're there: their pumpkin spinach roti is AWESOME and so is their jarred tamarind sauce.

                          1. Magnolia brand is really good and it's worth checking out their other flavours - I like the mais-queso (corn and cheese - seriously, it's good), halo-halo, macapuno-ube (young coconut and purple yam).
                            Any good Filipino or larger pan-Asian type of store will carry it.

                            1. Mango Kulfi sold in Indian grocery stores is amazing. I don't remember the brand name, but I've seen it in several stores. The same company also makes mango ice cream, but I prefer the mango kulfi.

                              1. I was wondering if anyone knows where I can get the mango ice cream that they usually serve at Chinese Buffet? I tried some that are sold at T&T, but the taste seems different.

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                                  Gelato Fresco makes incredible "Alfonso Mango" Ice Cream sometimes hard to find so perhaps give them a call to see which retail outlest have it in stock..I was looking for it last week at my Loblaws (Dupont & Christie) but they didn't even have one flavour of Gelato Fresco.,.I hope this doesn't mean they have stopped stocking this company..would be a shame...Good Luck on your search.......

                                  Gelato Fresco
                                  60 Tycos Dr, Toronto, ON M6B, CA

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                                    I second the vote for PC mango sorbet. Hotel Gelato on Eglinton West, about a block and a half east of Chaplin, also makes mango gelato and can pack it for take-out.

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                                      Gelato Fresco makes the best I've ever had. Closest to what I remember having as a kid on a trip to Hong Kong. Haagen Daz is close but way too sweet. I find the Gelato Fresco the best texture and natural taste. Just get it from their head office for $5 a pint. I've also seen it at the Church/Dundas Metro and Queens Quay Loblaws.

                                      Gelato Fresco
                                      60 Tycos Dr, Toronto, ON M6B, CA