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Jan 1, 2008 03:55 PM

Pizzeria Mozza Butterscotch Budino - testing notes

I've made this three times from the NY Times recipe, and tried the original at the restaurant once - here are my findings so far:

The recipe:

1) The recipe calls for 1 1/2 tsp kosher salt - I cut it down to 1 tsp, and the pudding was still saltier than Mozza's (but good). In Mozza's version, the salt just amplifies the butterscotch, but doesn't have a distinctly salty presence. When I make it with 1 tsp of salt, the salty note is distinct.

2) The hardest thing for me was to figure out when exactly the caramel was ready, because you're starting off with brown sugar, so you can't rely on color change. The good news is, even if you undercook it (the second time I made it, the "caramel" didn't seize at all when I added the cream) it still tastes good. The last time I made it, I realized that when all of the liquid became froth (meaning, the sugar and water mixture had caramelized to the point where it could hold the shape of a bubble), it was a good time to take it off the stove. Mozza seems to let it go longer - their budino was darker than mine (in fact it was flecked with dark spots).

3) I left out the rum - it doesn't seem to make a difference.

4) The first time I made it, I used 2 cups of cream and 2.5 cups of milk, which gave a slightly lighter texture and less greasy mouthfeel that I liked - however, I think with less fat, it curdles more easily, so straining is even more critical.

5) I prefer it without the whipped cream and caramel - somehow, with the toppings, it seems less rich, and it's actually easier to eat a lot more. I topped it with pine nut brittle (with Maldon sea salt, rosemary, and chile) instead.

Brittle recipe:

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  1. Thanks for this. I had this for the 3rd time yesterday at Pizzeria Mozza and as I scarfed it down kept thinking, 'There must a recipe online for it somewhere!'

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    1. re: Tom P

      The recipe that taught me that "you can't fight city hall", is the Butterscotch pudding at JAR. More frustration, but fun obsessing, I have never had over culling a recipe. Perhaps one day I'll find one that is even better, but it hasn't happened yet....I'm like a junkie, trying any B.Scotch pudding recipe I can lay my hands on....all in vain to date.

    2. I really need some advice with this. I made this a few days ago and it was a little lumpy. Granted, I was too lazy to strain it. But does anyone have any other advice on how to make this lump-free? I also agree with Daveena about it being difficult to judge the proper color, as I cooked the sugar 10 minutes and it still came out too light, even though it was starting to smoke by that time. Help!

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      1. re: sibaik

        I whisked mine. it was slightly lumpy in the end but not enough for anyone to really notice.

      2. Hey, daveena. Just wanted to thank you for this post! I wanted to make this for Thankgiving and I was nervous, but your post put me at ease. I recently had budino in a dessert at a restaurant in Chicago called The Girl and the Goat so I am making something similar...a trifle with all of the layers that were in the dessert. Here's the best description of the dessert I could find:

        It is the best dessert I have ever had!

        Just thought I'd share.

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        1. re: kellystee

          Oh, excellent! It is a great recipe, and I haven't made it in the longest time... since the original post (was it really almost 6 years ago?) I've had various butterscotch budinos at different restaurants, and I still think Mozza's is the best. Thanks for bumping this thread!