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Jan 1, 2008 03:28 PM

nat porter in warren

i know theyve been open for awhile now,havent been in since new owners.anybody been in yet?

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  1. Have been to the Porter once since it re-opened. Certainly NOT what it was. Small steak, poorly cooked and full of fat and gristle for $19. All side dishes are New York style - $5 each. One was ordered and never came. Also tried a pork dish which contined well prepared meat but so much Madeira reduction sauce it could have been a stew. Overall impression is that they are after the BMW diving funny color martini drinking under 25 crowd. If you know the old Nats chances are you won't like this one.

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      the old nat was pretty much that way too,but, boy did they have some really good food.i hope that the original owners get back into another restaurant soon,they are missed.