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Wahoo: tiny surprise

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Wahoo chaya, located at Paramount and Arroyo, just north of the 60 freeway's Paramount exit, is a decent low cost Japanese restaurant that, tonight, had some very good sashimi.

I had tempura, which was good but a tad greasy. My mom had the beef, which was extremely fatty, but a good piece of meat marinated in a deliciously delicate sauce. The highlight, though, was the unusually good quality of the sashimi. They know how to buy fish. You get a lot of sashimi, and the entire dinner plate is only $9.

The name is a pun on "wa fu", which translates roughly into "Japanese style", according to my mom. So effing clever... the owners must be smart. The ambiance reflects it: nicely decorated in crimson and black all over from the ceiling tiles to the badass leather booths, with cool jazz on the boom box. The space is tiny - I bet it seats only 25 to 30 people. So, plan on waiting.

The only downer was the service. The owner/operator couple have style, but they could stand to be more efficient, or hire a waitron who's more efficient. But, with sashimi at Denny's prices, I'm not going to fault them for this.

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  1. It's still good! I've been there are few more times, and the service has improved. The food continues to please, and I found a new favorite in the tonkatsu. Sure, it's pretty pedestrian, but it's perfect, with an evenly golden crust and a thick, moist, perfectly cooked pork cutlet inside. I'll have to get it again to verify their consistency.