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Jan 1, 2008 02:03 PM


I took my parents to Grace for dinner on Sunday night and was quite disappointed. I have eaten there a few times in the past and thought it was really good and would be a great place to take the parents when they were in town. The meal started off great: the atmosphere was nice, service was good and the appetizers were fine. However, when we received our main entree meals, both my mom's rack of pork and my rack of lamb was terribly oversalted and barely edible! My dad ordered the pork shank which is a staple on the menu and that was fabulous. Maybe because my mom and I ordered off the specials menu it was not as good? Has this happened to anybody else? Other than the main courses, everything else was great and I would like to go back to Grace again, but am kind of hesitant to do so.

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  1. Agreed. I visited Grace last month and while I've always been a big fan, everything just didn't have the same Wow that it once did. Nothing was bad, but I nothing was memorable either. The decor and service are as great as ever, but I think I'll revisit them on one of their theme nights (burgers or donuts) and try and ween myself back onto them, because I'm sadly quite hesitant to return.

    1. I was never impressed with Grace. The service was great, the appetizers okay, but I was bored with their entrees. With so many other great places in LA, I don't feel the need to go back.

      1. Maybe the OP is correct in that it is best to stick with staples for main courses? I have had the pork shank and wild boar main courses there, which were both highly recommended on this board, and both were excellent. Seems like the pork shank was great when the OP visited as well. And it seems like everyone agrees that the appetizers and desserts are great (the pork belly appetizer is particularly memorable for me). Personally, I love Grace and would not write it off...just search the board for suggestions for what to order, then go back and enjoy!

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          My SO and I dined there last Saturday. We actually ate at the bar (which we prefer over the main dining room). We shared the pork belly appetizer, the steak filet & finished with their donuts w/homemade fro-yo for dessert. EVERYTHING was delicious. Esp. the pork belly. I think the trick is to just order their staples. I love Grace, too, and would give it another go before writing it off completely.

          Btw, the homemade fro-yo...probably the best I've ever had.

        2. Grace has always been one of my favorites, and I've been twice recently. The night after Thanksgiving, we had a phenomenal meal, start to finish. I think that we ordered mostly specials, and my brother had the game tasting menu. Service, food and wine were impeccable. But then on Christmas Eve, a real disappointment. Service was a mess -- from getting the same salad served three times in a row to having the waiter try to give my friend and I the same Pinot Noir as our "paired" wine when we'd each ordered a different course, neither of which was paired with the Pinot Noir. His answer to us when we asked if he was sure he had the right wines: "Pinot is like the great equalizer." My friend went to get the menu to confirm that we remembered correctly that we should have different wine pairings, complained about the service, and after that one of the managers took over the wine service. They took the cost of a wine pairing off of our meal, which was nice, but I have to say, the overall experience was disappointing. Our waiter was still really bad, and the food was good but not what I expect from Grace. I know I shouldn't judge a place on a night like Christmas Eve, but it's hard not to be disappointed and think about going somewhere else for the next special occasion. Too bad, especially after such a great meal a month earlier.

          1. I have to agree, at least in part, with other posters. I took my wife to Grace for her birthday a couple months back, and while the food was largely excellent (not brilliant but
            very good) the service was execrable. Our waiter (undoubtedly a future star) was curt,
            all Hollywood 'attitude', and full of himself. Our drinks took a half-hour to arrive, and the bartender wasn't even busy. The bread took even longer, and this only happened when I managed to lure the busboy around to our table. The waiter did improve towards the end
            of the meal, and I left a decent tip which, frankly, I regret to this day. At Grace prices
            the experience was totally unacceptable. Too bad. Fraser is a fine chef, but he needs to keep his eye on the front a little more.