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ISO Chain Mishaps

Recently, my husband was craving bad burgers I guess and went to Sonic. He came back with the burger exactly as ordered - lettuce, pickles, onions, and no sauce. One problem - no BURGER!!! He went back to get it fixed, and then they made it with sauce. By the third time, he just wanted to go home!

Fast food joints are a prime example of seeing a lack of serious worth ethic - a problem I face in the school system as well. Every so often, I get to see someone who is working through to the next step in life and with pride.

What's your favorite chain order mishap?

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  1. It's not a surprise - many of the workers are woefully underpaid and can barely support a themselves or a family. And some FF restaurants have a policy of capping workers' hours at 39 hours just to avoid "full time" status - and therefore - avoiding the provision of health insurance.

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      Minumum wage, and the associated jobs are meant to be a starting point and not a way of life. This does not mean the workers should be totally inept at following simple directions, else they will not be able to function at a higher level job, or other basic activities of daily living.

      That said, we went to an Arby's a while ago with a coupon for 5 for $5. The person at the register, the person making sandwiches and the person cleaning tables were each on their own mobile phone call. We ordered 5 sandwichs, on shake and an order of curly fries. It was a struggle to give them $7 plus change...

      The girl at the counter handed us three bags. We left and had 15 sandwiches, one shake and an order of curly fries.

      There were some homeless people on the next street corner who were very happy.

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        "Meant to" or not, the unfortunately reality is that they are a way of life for some.

    2. A guy I used to work with went to BK for lunch one day, came back to his cube and started eating his Whopper. Stopped when he bit a Bandaid.

      Manager basically said "sorry" and gave him another burger when he went back. No coupons or other enticements to eat there again.

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        And you would want to eat again at a place that served you two all-beef patties with mayo, mustard and bandage because...?

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          Well, you'd certainly NOT eat there again without some enticement! So you'd think they'd give it a shot--stuff happens, people will generally forgive if given some indication that they matter to the store.

      2. My sister ordered a chicken breast sub from Subway in the drive through, got home to find that it was just as she ordered EXCEPT for the absence of any actual chicken breast. She drove back there...for a while they argued that they made it right, that she must have pulled the chicken off. And THAT'S why I always go in to observe them assembling the sandwich.
        And I don't know if it was a mistake or just what was available at the time, but I went to Popeye's to get a 10 piece box of mixed, and when I got it home it had 5 breasts, 3 legs and 2 wings. I was happy, because I love the breast, but my wife and kids who prefer the dark chicken were out of luck.

        1. I stopped at McDees on a extremely rare lunch to get a fish sandwich(lent) and they forgot the bottom half of the bun.

          It wasn't worth arguing with them, so I ate it as is.

          1. Almost 2am and hungry. McD's sounded good in theory, though we hadn't eaten there in ages. I was mostly looking forward to the fries. We picked our food up in the drive-through. Once home we sat on the floor at the coffee table, eagerly dumping the greasy contents onto a newspaper. The entire sleeve of fries was stuck together in a big yellow ball of salt. Seriously - it was a salt ball with some fries in it.

            1. I was picking up some cinnamon rolls at Grandy's once and asked for a dozen (12) at the drive through. She quoted the price for 1/2 dozen (6) so I figured I'd fix the error at the window, where I was handed six rolls. I said, "I ordered a dozen," to which she replied, "Yeah, that's a dozen." After a few moments I had nothing to say but, "ok, I'll take two dozen." Curiously, I got my "two" dozen (12) for the price of "one" dozen (6).

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                ...drive through cinnamon rolls....

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                  This is one of those "I wonder if they are as good to my adult tounge as they were my teen tongue" kind of foods.

              2. My sister once got a McRib sandwich without the top bun. How could that happen, I wonder?

                1. I once wen to a Steak n' Shake and got a chix sandwich. I was busy reading the paper and after the second bite I notice the texture was awful. I looked and it had not been cooked. Raw chicken sandwich!!! I was disgusted, but got many free meal coupons out of it. And as a college steudent, was fairly appeased by that.

                  My wife now insists on eating at KFC fairly regularly. The same order (10 bone-in wings with buffalo sauce) has come out screwed up in so many differet ways that the manager greets us when we come in and personally takes our order, also, we never pay for soda, they just give us cups for our wait as they make our whole order from scratch.

                  1. Last year Moe's Southwest Grill came to our area of Northern Virginia and spread coupons far and wide so we gave them a try. We found the food very salty but, armed with more coupons gave them another try.

                    I brought the food home and started eating my burrito. My first few bites were not overly salty and I was pleased until I noticed that something else seemed to be lacking. I unwrapped the burrito and discovered that it wasn't salty because they had forgotten to include the meat.

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                      Strangest thing was the time I drove up to a Del Taco window for one of those 2AM Macho Combo's. The young thing -- and I do mean "thing" -- at the window hands me my bag ("hmm, feels awfully light!") and I drive off, blind drunk. Okay, I wasn't even tipsy, I swear, Officer Friendly.

                      What I pulled out of the bag was so shocking, I'm afraid I'd be banned from Chowhound for life if I posted it, but here goes:

                      It was a Big Mac.

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                        That's what happens when, after a long night of drinking, you fail to give someone sober the keys and pull through the McDonald's drive through instead of the Del Taco drive through. :-P

                        There's a McDonald's on Wilshire Boulevard in West LA that is a regular stop for UCLA students after a long night of drinking. It's a window-and-drive-through service only, no actual restaurant seating, but it being LA, there's a few outdoor tables.

                        We ordered there one frigid morning at 4 AM after a long, long night of drinking in the apartments in Westwood Village, and my Sausage McMuffin with Egg came with... a hamburger patty. No sausage, just egg, cheese, hamburger patty, English muffin. I stared at it so long it grew cold, then shrugged and ate it anyway. It was pretty tasty... but then we used to go to Jose Bernstein's for kimchi burritos, so what did we know back then.

                    2. My wife and I went to Jack in the Box for breakfast a few years back and ordered hash browns (at JitB they are, or used to be, similar to McD's....basically a hash brown patty). I took a bite...and it was actually a fish patty! Talk about cognitive dissonance. Oddly enough, the hash browns and fish patties look pretty similar!

                      Took it up to the counter, and after a couple minutes they brought out our hash brown. Took a bite.....another fish patty. Unbelievable.

                      1. Ok, this one is MY fault. I worked at a BK in the late 80s. It was my FIRST job ever. They first had me working fries but I kept burning myself so they moved me on to making the burgers. It was pretty simple, you feed the meat thru one side of this conveyor belt, it goes under the "flame broiler" and out the other side. How was I to know the dial on the back of the machine was the tempurature control? I was 15 years old and had difficultly cooking fries! Anyway, I had accidentally adjusted the heat to where the burgers came out LOOKING ok (flame grills and all) but unfortunately, were not cooked. The really sad (and now, upsetting) thing is that it took about 2 hours before ONE person brought his back, showing the manager how it was raw in the center. They fixed the heat and all was well....but I KNOW there were about 50+ of them served before that guy brought his back.

                        BTW, it was an honest mistake on my part and I fessed up to it!