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Jan 1, 2008 01:44 PM

Source for pork belly?

I'm hoping to make a pork belly braise from Molly Steven's All About Braising this weekend; however, I'm new to town and I'm not sure where one can get a nice pork belly. Granted, it's easy enough to find on a menu here, but I'm still developing my marketing habits.

I'm in the Garden District, but if it's not too complicated, I'm willing to travel. I'm sure it can't be as easy as going to Whole Foods (although I was never looking for pork belly and maybe it is that easy).

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  1. Pork belly is the same as fresh bacon. You can order it from a good butcher or buy it online.

    1. Can't say that I've ever seen pork belly at WF. You can get it at Hong Kong Market on Behrman Highway on the Westbank.

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        Thanks, Hungry Celeste! And speyerer, if my trip to the westbank is a failure, I'll certainly try ordering some. I was a little nervous about that since I haven't formed any "relationships" here yet, but there's no time like the present.

        1. re: grlwprls

          There's an Asian market on Transcontinental at Veteran's Highway where you can find frozen pork belly, along with a few cuts of Korean-style beef.

          You will not find pork belly at Whole Foods, but if you ask, you might find one of the purveyors at the Farmer's Market to save some for you. Hasn't really worked for me, but that's no indication it won't work for you.