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Mar 1, 2001 03:45 PM

Maureen's Fast Burmese Food

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Maureen's Fast Food is a Burmese eatery that just opened up in Rosemead. I recall Burmese restaurants in the Bay Area, but I don't remember if there have been any in the L.A. area (the New Burma Inn in mid-city didn't count). They have some interesting looking stuff on the menu, mostly filled or layered pancakes. Maureen's is in the food court at the 99 Ranch Market center on Garvey and San Gabriel, and even though it's just a stall in the court, it has its own website.


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  1. There is Burmese food at Golden Triangle in Whittier, along with Laotian and Thai (The area where the three countries meet is called the Golden Triangle). We had a wonderful meal for a friend's birthday there and they had some really incredible ice cream flavors, most of which wouldn't be considered "dessert-y" to Western palates.

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      Golden Triangle is fantastic for Burmese food--especially the tea salad, the catfish chowder and the Burmese version of biryani, whose name I can never remember how to spell. I like it better than any of the Bay Area Burmese places. And Romantic Steakhouse in San Gabriel, despite its name and its standard-issue American-Asian cafe menu, is always ready to serve you a half-dozen Burmese dishes.

      But I've got to check out Mareen's. Any restaurant that posts two online menus but doesn't bother to translate either of them from the Burmese has got to have at least authenticity going for it.