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Jan 1, 2008 01:11 PM

Galette des rois - Paris


I'm going to be in Paris next week, and would love to try the traditional Galette des rois cake. Any suggestions of where to get it? What is the best place to go?


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  1. The best is at Vandermeersch, a lovely old fashioned bakery 278 avenue Dausmenil in the 12th arrondissement; though Pierre Herme has been concocting some traditional and not so traditional versions to great effect, available at his two locations 72 rue Bonaparte in the 6th and also at rue Vaugirard.

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      Of course not. The best is at Pichard rue cambronne, with his oven on the sidewalk for the occasion. Buy it at the end of the afternoon and eat it still warm out of it. And it is much cheaper than precious Hermé.

      1. re: souphie

        I gather this is not available any other time of year we wont be there until mid spring?

        1. re: Ljubitca

          No. But I don't think you'll be sorry about the pastry supply at anytime of the year in Paris.