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Feb 28, 2001 05:46 PM

Antoinette's French Creperie

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As Richard notes in his review, Antoinette's creperie in Manhattan Beach is a deeply authentic crepe "restaurant," and a wonderful slice of France. The place is just the wrong size - too big for one of the traditional Parisian crepe stands, too small to actually enable dining on site. On a rainy Sunday, there were four people - myself, and the three French owners (whom I interpreted, perhaps incorrectly, as the mom, dad, and adult son).

Quality is superb - made from scratch on a large, unrimmed crepe stone, with copious amounts of fresh butter. I tried two - the Ajaccio (mushrooms, spinach, and bechamel sauce) and the Citron (sugar, butter, and lemon). The Citron was perfectly balanced, not too sweet, not too acidic. The Ajaccio held together nicely, and the filling was like an ideal version of creamed spinach.

3319 Highland Avenue


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  1. My wife and two kids, 4 and 7, brought crepes home from Antoinette's last night. They were excellent. My 7 year old daughter, who like every 7 year old is quite picky about what she eats, loved her bacon, egg and cheese crepe. The rest of us split the chicken and mushroom and spinach and mushroom crepes. We finished with the crepes suzette, brown sugar and butter and the nuttella (sort of a hazelnut fudge spread.) The food was great and the family who run it are very friendly ( they actually threw in hot chocolate and the nutella crepe extra for the kids.