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Jan 1, 2008 12:03 PM

Best fresh seafood? Lower Fairfield County

and I love to buy freshly made crabcakes, lobstercakes, clams casino, etc. Any great chowders too?

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  1. Whole Foods or there's a place on Greenwich Avenue maybe near Saks.

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    1. re: fattyfoods

      I think that place is called Bon Ton Fish Market. It's at 343 Greenwich Ave. I've been there. The quality was good, but, like most places with fresh fish, it was pricey.

      There are two other places in Greenwich I know of:

      1. Fjord Fishery.
      137 River Rd, Cos Cob - (203) 661-5006
      I haven't been, it's really small, but I've heard they sell great wild salmon (flash frozen, no doubt). I think they have a catering outfit next door.

      Lobster Bin.
      204 Field Point Rd, Greenwich - (203) 661-6559
      Also haven't been.
      I've never been to here either, and I seem to remember mixed reviews on this board.

      Per jfood's comments, I do really like New Wave in Stamford. Wholesaler that sells retail if you go to their places. They have flash-frozen and fresh, I believe. And better prices than most fishmongers around here. I think they are a big supplier to local restaurants. They are at 81 Camp Ave., off of Hope Street. I've actually never been to this location - they used to be in South Stamford by the water. I guess it's been a while... but I liked their selection before and I presume it's the same in the new location.

      Now, if you go to Port Chester, I believe Ebb Tide sells fish retail too. I've only been to the lunch counter/restaurant, but I know they sell lobster, and presumably other seafood as well.

      1. re: adamclyde

        for the area........i haven't yet come across a place that has fresher seafood than the lobster bin.........the prices are up there.........but the quality is a 10......and they do a good job bringing in different fish daily......

    2. I recommend Stamford Fish and Seafood in Stamford on High Ridge Road at Bulls Head. The owners are lovely, the fish/shellfish is always excellent (when they get the "pink" swordfish, it's to die for), and their homemade crabcakes are tasty. Never tried the chowder. Their coleslaw is the best I've had outside my own kitchen (she said modestly).

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      1. re: MommaJ

        I dunno- we got the crabmeat at SFansS and it was full of shells and impossible to eat.

      2. Pricey, but expensive--Fjord Fisheries in Greenwich, along the west bank of the Mianus river. Best seafood around.

        New Wave in Stamford, behind Twin Rinks-more limited selection in case, but very good, and good prices. Since they are also a wholesale supplier, you can get almost anything if you call in advance, even if it is not in the case.

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        1. re: ChefBoyAreMe

          Jfood agrees w you on the assessment of both. He purchased some wonderful Dover Sole from Fjord, it was great but very pricey.

          New Wave has great fresh fish andis the supplier to many in the area as well. The BEST deal is their cooked shrimp. Perfectly seasoned and cooked and great for shrimp cocktail and in the summer it was about $13/pound. Jfood almost tripped over a Wahoo years ago and when he asked what it was he was told and asked if he wanted some. If you call in advance they will help as much as they can, although the Dover Sole was frozen in 20lb portions. They also have a whole fish bar in the back where you can purchase Bronzini and other whole fish to grill in the summer. Stop by, grab a couple and throw on the BBQ when you get home. Perfect summer meal.

        2. I would highly recommend Port Chester Seafood (right off I-95 exit). Great crabcakes, and the freshest fish and shellfish. They sell wholesale to many of the upscale restaurants around, the they're retail market is excellent.

          1. There's also a market attached to Rowayton Seafood in Rowayton. I've never been so I can't attest to quality or prices. I usually go to Whole Foods, Stew Leonard's or Bon Ton.