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Jan 1, 2008 11:55 AM

Silpat doesn't fit regular cookie sheet

Hi everyone,

I've just recieved a Silpat for Christmas, however I'm sort of disappointed that is doesn't fit my cookie sheet? Does the Silpat exist in a smaller version to fit my cookie sheets? The size I've recieved is 11 5/8 x 16 1/2.

What should I do? Return it for smaller size or buy a new cookie sheet? Where can I find a commercial grade cookie sheet? At home outfitters, Winners or Kitchen Specialities stores? I'm located in Montreal, Canada

Thanks for all your feedbacks

Happy New Year Chowhounders!

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  1. I have the same problem -- they do come in a smaller size that will fit most cookie sheets. I think the larger size is more for using on a counter, for rolling out dough, etc.

    1. That size silpat will fit a commercial half sheet pan. I would keep the silpat and buy commerical pans. They tend to be heavier pans than the smaller cookie sheets, don't warp in the oven and are just better tools in the kitchen. I don't know anything about stores in Montreal Canada, but there are lots of online sources.

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      1. re: flourgirl

        Is there any particular brand you'd recommend that's commercial-grade, flourgirl? I am sick of my sheet pans warping...

        1. re: hollerhither

          Brandname isn't particularly important for this type of product. I'm quite happy with the pair of Polarware half sheets that I bought from Samsclub (commercial kitchenware aisle).

          1. re: hollerhither

            Chicago Metallic produces high quality bakeware. As a rule of thumb, don't get non-stick pans - the coating will eventually flake, can cause uneven cooking, etc. Besides, the Silpat nixes the sticking issue. I, too, would recommend checking online.

            1. re: hollerhither

              I don't think the brand name is that important. Look for heavy, rolled-edge aluminum half sheet pans. I just checked mine and they are made by Beacon Ware. I think I bought them on a few years ago. Lincoln Ware makes them, so does Chicago Metallic.

              I agree with other posters here that's it's a good idea to make sure the pans will fit your oven - mine don't fit in my mom's wall oven. I also agree with skipping the non-stick. Aluminum is all you need, especially if you are using the silpats. And speaking of silpats, I actually have exopats (made by Matfer). Amazon has sales on them very frequently and they end up being way cheaper than the silpats but are the exact same thing. I paid around $8.00 for each of my exopats.

              1. re: flourgirl

                The half sheet is approximately 18x13 by 1" deep. I suspect all brands are close to the same size, since a restaurant would like to nest them for storage without having to stick with the same brand. They would also want the baked goods to match. The raised edge, besides adding stiffness, makes them useful for sheet cakes (for jelly rolls etc).


            2. re: flourgirl

              But ... !! Make sure the pans you buy will fit in your oven!!! I have one oven (30" Tappan) that nothing commercial-size will ever fit. My GE double wall oven, on the other hand, will take any size of pan conceived of. So make sure that the pans you buy will fit!

              I personally love any rolled-edge aluminum commercial pan. They never warp, yet are easily handled in and out of the oven.

            3. Okay, I'll go first. Basically, I mean that I cannot believe no one else has simply trimmed the thing to fit the cookie sheets you have. I used an exacto knife and my cutting board to get the size that fits perfectly.

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              1. re: OldDog

                Though I can get two commercial pans for the price of one silpat. Plus the trim off a cut silpat probably isn't of much use.

                1. re: paulj

                  I'm sure I've read that silpat shouldn't be cut as the sharp fibers inside will be exposed.

                  In response to the OP, Silpat comes in many different sizes. I have Chicago Metallic half sheet pans and found a perfect silpat that even has the corners cut so that it fits the pan perfectly. I found it at Sur la Table.

              2. You may want to check out the heavy duty sheet pans sold by Lincoln Foodservice. These were top rated by CI in November and I managed to find them on-line at a fairly reasonable price. They are 18 x 13, so your silpat will fit. I am extremely happy with them. They cook evenly, don't warp even at high temps.

                1. I cut my silpat to fit my cookie sheets. In fact, I bought a large silpat sheet and cut it to fit three quarter-sheet pans. Yeah, I live dangerously. But I gathered some chowhound advice first.


                  Though some people said, "Don't!", others said, "Go for it." So I went for it. I haven't noticed any problems. And now my cookies don't slump to one side when they bake.


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                  1. re: AnneInMpls

                    One of the people saying 'don't' is the manufacturer.