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Feb 28, 2001 03:22 PM

any good Japanese Hot Pot/Shabu Shabu around the West LA, or Sherman Oaks area?

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Please me help out! I would also like what you guys recommend as the best Japanese Hot Pot in all of LA. I have develpoed a sudden craving for this dish.

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  1. There is shabu shabu in West LA - I know one place, name escapes me, on Sawtelle. I think. (Aren't I a help?) I haven't been there for years. I see ads for it in the Weekly sometimes, or you might try searching on the main CH page with "los angeles shabu" and see if it's been mentioned previously. Good luck!

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    1. re: Lisa Bee

      The shabu shabu place you're talking about is definitely on the northeast corner of Sawtelle and La Grange, just north of Olympic. Parking can be tough, but just continue north on Sawtelle and you'll find something. I don't know the restaurant's name, either, but I've been there, and it's very good. I thought it looked trendy and intimidating when I had just passed by, but it's actually quite comfortable and welcoming. I liked it a lot. Dinner prices are around $18, I think, for beef shabu shabu.

      Also, closer to Olympic on the other side of Sawtelle, there is a place called Relaxtation, which serves boba, milk tea with tapioca balls, bubble tea...whatever you want to call it, and that's quite good, too. I usually walk down and get one to go after dinner on Sawtelle (there are a bunch of great ramen places right there).

      Note: parking is harder the closer you get to Olympic (I've never been successful.), so leave your car parked, and just walk down. Enjoy!

      1. re: Liz

        The shabu shabu place on Sawtelle is Mizu 212. I've been curious about it, my gym is across the street. The address and phone number is below. They were very nice when I called to make sure it was the right restaurant. Maybe something to try over the weekend. I will post a report once we give it a try.

        Mizu 212 Degrees
        2000 Sawtelle Blvd
        Los Angeles, CA 90025
        310) 478-8979

        1. re: Patti

          Mizu 212 is good. Trendy. You can eat at the bar or they have tables too. If you go with more than one other person and choose the bar, it is hard to have a conversation. I always have the beef shabu shabu. It is served in thin slices and is quite lean and very tasty. You do get alot of cabbage and some mushrooms to go with the meal. The chicken and seafood shabu shabu are also popular.
          There is also another Shabu place on Olympic and Barrington. It is in the mall with a 7-11, a mexican rest. (Peppers) and a Jacobos Pizza place. It is good too. The ambience is not as hip as Mizu but the service and food are good. There is also a small bar but mostly tables with heated tops for the pots.
          The one downside to eating at the tables is that you usually have to share the pot with whomever you are with.

          1. re: TC Smith

            The little shabu-shabu place at Barrington and Olympic used to be called Aoki Shabu Shabu, or Saoki, depending on who you asked, and it used to be fabulous - bigger portions, cheaper, quieter, and less trendy (sorry, that's not my thing) than Mizu 212.

            Maybe a year ago it changed hands, (don't know new name), and they changed the menu to have these really bizarre japanese-car-related names for the hot pot choices: like you would order "The Datsun" or "The Honda". Wierd, but still I think a better value than Mizu 212 if you're not concerned about atmosphere.

            It's quiet, and I have never had to sit, (and never had to share a table either), even at 8pm on a friday night. Parking can be a hassle though as they only have like 3 spaces.

            Hope this adds a little information.

            1. re: Susan

              An update: Aoki Shabu Shabu is now called "Shabu Hachi". I do not believe it was called Shabu Hachi when I ordered the Datsun etc. Must go try it out! Off I go . . .

    2. There is a place called Yoshi's Shabu Shabu on Ventura Blvd, near Woodman. Haven't tried it but I've always been curious about it. The windows are usually steamed up at night! Has anyone been? Would you recommend it for people who don't want to drive out to Little Tokyo?

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        Adrian Hopkins

        Thanks for the info! I had the chance to try out both Yoshi's Shabu Shabu (on Ventura), and Mizu 212 (Sawtell). Both are great places!

        Although the prices for an order of large beef shabu is around the same for the two places, it seems although Yoshi's has slighly thicker sliced beef. This isn't only a matter of value, as Mizu's beef was so thinly sliced, it often broke apart when I pulled the beef up from the pot. I also like the meat when it's thicker. Otherwise, the actual quality of the beef is pretty much the same in both places. However, you do get more veggies at Yoshi's, which sorta balances out the value factor among the two restaurants.

        What I did like about Mizu more than Yoshi's, was their brown sauce for the Shabu Shabu, which I thought was significantly richer and tastier than Yoshi's. There was also a container of garlic on the side, should you prefer to add more flavor to your hot pot that Yoshi's didn't have (I'd recommend you don't overdo it though!).

        On the other hand, Yoshi's had thicker meat, and there was the option of having better grade US beef (none of the Kobe or other fancy Japanese beef unfortunately),
        as well as seafood (perhaps Mizu had this), real sukiyaki, as well as salmon and maguro (tuna) sashimi.
        I'll look forward to checking out Yoshi's sukiyaki in the near future!

        Both places had great service, although Yoshi's was slighly more attentive. Perhaps that might be because Mizu's was packed (I was there on Fri night), while there were only 3 other customers at Yoshi's (I was there on a Wed night).

        Decor is very modern and stylish at Mizu's, but fortunately not at the expense of your bill. Likewise, Yoshi's decor is modest and simple, but somehow reminicent of a more authentic Japanese restaurant.

        Parking can be a real pain at Mizu's, unless you opt for valet parking, which is on La Grange, behind Mizu's. I was a cheapskate, so went looking around 10mins for parking, instead of dealing with the valet. Parking at Yoshi's was plenty while I was there. They have a few parking spaces behind their restuarant.

        Hope this review helps!

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        1. re: Adrian Hopkins

          This is great to know - thanks for the report! One question: how much was the shabu dinner at each place?

          1. re: Lisa Bee
            Adrian Hopkins

            Lisa Bee- if I recall correctly (sorry I don`t have the exact pricing!), the large order of beef
            Shabu Shabu (which comes with a large side of vgetables) should cost around US$17-18.00. You can order a smaller portion for around $3-5 less, which I don`t think is as good a value, especially at Mizu 212 where you get even less meat.

            Chicken Shabu Shabu costs around $13-15 for both places
            , while Vegetarian Shabu costs around $9-12.

            I forgot to mention Yoshi`s also has a higher quality beef which costs around $25 for the large portion. Their seafood hotpot costs around $18 or so. I forgot how much their large beef Sukiyaki course costs, but I would imagine it`s somewhere from $14-19.

            Hope this helps!

        2. Shabu-Shabu House in Little Tokyo! Not SFV or West Side but the BEST! Usually has a wait but SO worth it. Clean bar (like at a sushi) seating. GREAT QUALITY. The UCC Coffee included as dessert is HEAVEN!

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            I like that place but I've enjoyed shabu at other places in the area more...and I haven't had to fight those infernal lines. My favorite, I'm so sorry for not knowing the name, is the cheap one on the street that borders the Japan town mall to the SW 1/2 a block down - not Kagaya [sp?] but closer to the mall.