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Jan 1, 2008 11:48 AM

Little Known Hideaway Out of This World...

If you happen to be in the Camden, Maine area,
there is a little known hideaway, tucked in a corner of Elm St. businesses, a restaurant named Mikado's. This is a devine establishment that has been in business for years in the middle of Camden, and yet most locals haven't ventured in for the experience . However, unlike many restaurants in this tourist vista, Mikado's Sushi Bar is open year round, 5-7 evenings a week - depending on the season. Master Sushi Chef Chris Wolf creates Japanese Cuisine so appealing, your mouth can't believe what a treat it is getting and your eyes - well they get a work of art. Just last week, I overheard a customer express this was the best sushi she had devoured in all of her world travels. You're thinking, sushi - in Camden, Maine - it can't be that good. It is, and if you aren't checking it out, you are missing out on a delightful treat!

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  1. Yes, yes, yes. We live in Boston and I travel New England for my line of work. Have been to the little sushi bar in Camden, Maine and yes it is the best I've ever had. Don't know where that guy learned his stuff, but he is excellent and his fish is the best and freshest I've ever had. I make it a point to stop there whenever I'm in the area.

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      You'll be pleased to hear then, that this sushi bar has matured in the last month - the Japanese Cuisine has taken over the whole restaurant, yet there is still plenty on the menu for those who don't care for sushi.

    2. Is there a website or contact # for Mikado's? My partner's birthday is early Feb and was thinking of taking him to Maine, since we haven't been yet. We both love sushi. Any recs to stay in the area as well?

      Thank you for your help!

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        Bri, I would recommend the Berry Manor Inn in Rockland (15 mins down the road). They have lovely rooms, great staff, reasonable prices, and homemade pie at night, as well as a very good breakfast. The pie makes it all worth it.

      2. I don't believe that I never heard of it. Where on Elm Street? I will have to check it out and see.

        here's the web site but other than the location it isn't up and running

        Personally I think that Susuki's Sushi in Rockland may just be the best in the state.

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          Thank you both happybelly and JMF for your recommendations!

        2. Is this the restaurant on the second floor?

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          1. re: Meg Wolff

            JMF - Elm Street in Camden is also known as Rt. 1.
            Mikado's is one of three delightful places (Zoot Coffee next door is the best coffee in Maine) between Rite Aid and the Camden Opera House in the downtown area of Camden.

            Meg - Mikado's was formerly just upstairs, but now the whole place is Japanese Cuisine.

            Bri - As a passer by during the dinner hours last week, this little place is hopping every night they are open. You might want to call and make a reservation if you want to be sure to get in on the special birthday night.
            I looked up the phone number for you. 207 - 236 - 4477

          2. Great! I liked that place a lot. I go when I'm at The Maine Photographic Workshops in Rockport ... it's really close. Yes, it is my first choice of resturants when I'm eating out in that area!