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Little Known Hideaway Out of This World...

If you happen to be in the Camden, Maine area,
there is a little known hideaway, tucked in a corner of Elm St. businesses, a restaurant named Mikado's. This is a devine establishment that has been in business for years in the middle of Camden, and yet most locals haven't ventured in for the experience . However, unlike many restaurants in this tourist vista, Mikado's Sushi Bar is open year round, 5-7 evenings a week - depending on the season. Master Sushi Chef Chris Wolf creates Japanese Cuisine so appealing, your mouth can't believe what a treat it is getting and your eyes - well they get a work of art. Just last week, I overheard a customer express this was the best sushi she had devoured in all of her world travels. You're thinking, sushi - in Camden, Maine - it can't be that good. It is, and if you aren't checking it out, you are missing out on a delightful treat!

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  1. Yes, yes, yes. We live in Boston and I travel New England for my line of work. Have been to the little sushi bar in Camden, Maine and yes it is the best I've ever had. Don't know where that guy learned his stuff, but he is excellent and his fish is the best and freshest I've ever had. I make it a point to stop there whenever I'm in the area.

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      You'll be pleased to hear then, that this sushi bar has matured in the last month - the Japanese Cuisine has taken over the whole restaurant, yet there is still plenty on the menu for those who don't care for sushi.

    2. Is there a website or contact # for Mikado's? My partner's birthday is early Feb and was thinking of taking him to Maine, since we haven't been yet. We both love sushi. Any recs to stay in the area as well?

      Thank you for your help!

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        Bri, I would recommend the Berry Manor Inn in Rockland (15 mins down the road). They have lovely rooms, great staff, reasonable prices, and homemade pie at night, as well as a very good breakfast. The pie makes it all worth it.

      2. I don't believe that I never heard of it. Where on Elm Street? I will have to check it out and see.

        here's the web site but other than the location it isn't up and running

        Personally I think that Susuki's Sushi in Rockland may just be the best in the state.

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          Thank you both happybelly and JMF for your recommendations!

        2. Is this the restaurant on the second floor?

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            JMF - Elm Street in Camden is also known as Rt. 1.
            Mikado's is one of three delightful places (Zoot Coffee next door is the best coffee in Maine) between Rite Aid and the Camden Opera House in the downtown area of Camden.

            Meg - Mikado's was formerly just upstairs, but now the whole place is Japanese Cuisine.

            Bri - As a passer by during the dinner hours last week, this little place is hopping every night they are open. You might want to call and make a reservation if you want to be sure to get in on the special birthday night.
            I looked up the phone number for you. 207 - 236 - 4477

          2. Great! I liked that place a lot. I go when I'm at The Maine Photographic Workshops in Rockport ... it's really close. Yes, it is my first choice of resturants when I'm eating out in that area!

            1. I just noticed the term "Master Sushi Chef" Chris Wolf. Where did he apprentice in Japan? How many years as an apprentice? There are very few master Sushi Chefs in the world. Where did he get the title bestowed on him and by whom? Or did he just decide to call himself by the title reserved for a select few?

              1. As an employee of Mikado's, I can answer some of the tougher questions here. Wolf doesn't call himself a "Master" in any form. It is a term bestowed upon him in other states and those who visit Mikado's from around the world tend to agree. He's been working in sushi bars for 24 years. He studied for many years in California and has spent much of his life learning appropriate Japanese tradition. He's a fun guy and is happy to talk to any customers. Very humble about his art, each item is carefully and lovingly prepared. As a career waitess of 11 years, I've never seen a chef who loves his job the way this man does.
                I, myself, was skeptical of this little place ever surviving in our small coastal town where tourists hunt down a lobster dinner or local fare. The last year and a half has amazed me in how far people will travel to find our little gem.

                We are a fun restaurant that welcomes anyone of any age. We have a wide varied menu.. our website is now up and running. I do suggest that a reservation is made though (we have an answering machine and will confirm all reservations). We are small and as spring has sprung in Mid-coast Maine, as has our business!!!! If we're really busy we move overflow to the upstairs dinning room where you can't see the sushi chef at work, but those with reservations are garunteed a table on the main floor.

                Mainenative, thank you for the wonderful comments. I'm sure I've waited on you (as at the date of your posting I was the only waitress with Mikado's), and I hope you'll visit us again!

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                  Mikado is not a sushi restaurant, it is americanized japanese food, with kids items on the menu, and next to nothing for sashimi or sushi, I ordered an ebi sashimi and instead of the beautiful raw sweet maine shrimp that Suzuki's serves, I got jumbo chewy cooked ones. I saw food sitting on the bar for over 20 minutes, while trays of steaming hot glasses were passed over the plates. it is not fair to have those beautiful pictures of authentic sushi on your site and on Village Soup, and then have nothing at all like it. I am married to an Asian, trust me, Suzuki's is authentic. I will never ever go back to Mikado. I am not trying to me mean or insulting, but I was really upset to try it there to be manipulated by the pictures and descriptions on the site, and it is not true. Oh, they do have things like hot dogs and mac and cheese and chicken fingers. See what I mean? Not authentic sushi, and not rightfully upfront about what they serve. With money how it is these days, I get really angry when I feel taken advantage of.

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                    Sorry but this comment by the employee is just plain incorrect. I agree 100% with Aynne35. This is not a sushi restaurant, but a place that tries to be everything for everyone. Something that in my experience as a diner, professional food writer, and food business consultant, just does not work.

                    My first time I went there I saw the quality of the fish and smelled the kitchen odors and walked out. It just didn't smell Japanese in the place. Actually, one of the good things about a Japanese restaurant is the lack of odor because any smell would ruin the dining. I went back again and tried the food and actually regret giving the place another chance. I thought both the quality of the limited sushi/sashimi was low, and the craftmanship was completely lacking.