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Jan 1, 2008 10:45 AM

South Beach vegetarian?

Hi there,
I'm off to Miami with my boyfriend for a couple of nights as a stopover on the way to Nicaragua, and we were hoping to treat ourselves to some good food. The only problem is, he's a veggie and the places I've looked at don't seem to offer an awful lot of choice if any at all... My obvious default in these situations is Italian, and I was thinking of Sardinia, which seems to get good reviews here? We're happy to spend a fair amount for a really good meal, and I'd be really grateful for any suggestions (doesn't have to be Italian, just somewhere with a veggie option that does good food).

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  1. Sardinia is good...getting seated may be an issue. There is a place right next to Sardinia called Joe Allen who has places in London and Paris as well as NYC & LA. He offers a Veggy Stew which is done very nicely. Miami Juice in Sunny Isles would be a good choice if you have transportation.

    News Cafe has a lot of good veggy dishes too.

    Full blown veggy restos are few and far between here in the land of 'lechon'(pig).

    Oh, I heard Escopazzo is doing Organic and is considered to be one of the best Italian joints in the city.

    Check out Whole Foods aka Wild Oats on 10th and Alton for a solid salad bar and plenty of other veggie options. It's a supermarket, but serves early until late and offers inside/outside dining options.

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      Seating has gotten easier at sardinia since they added tables outside...

    2. You could also go to Ouzo (Greek) near Sardinia for mezes (fried cheese, hummus)
      Pasha's on Lincoln Rd. for a quick bite.
      The Cafe at Books and Books. They have both veggie as well as vegan options.
      Lido at The Standard has an amazing tofu entree that makes my mouth water. Great atmosphere as well.
      Miss Yip's has good veggie dim sum and some non-meat entrees.
      Tap Tap has Haitian food and some limited veggie options. Their spinach dish is great.

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        Thanks for all your help here. Tap tap sounds seriously tempting, but I'm not sure I'll get a plate of spinach past the boyfriend, even if it is just lunch. He's a growing boy with a hearty appetite. We have a Joe allen in London, so it seems silly to eat at it in Miami. I noticed that Wish seems to have one veggie option on its menu, but Tallulah doesn't - do you think then that Sardinia is our best bet for our splurge? In some ways I'd rather have food that's harder to come by in London (which rules out Greek, Indian, Middle Eastern etc...), which is why I was tempted by Wish or Tallulah.

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          Other than salads, a daily soup (which is usually quite good but not always vegetarian), and veggie sides, I believe most Talula dishes involve animals of some sort. I don't generally recall seeing a vegetarian entree.

          I don't believe Tap Tap is open for lunch.

          Sardinia has very good food and their vegetable and cheese (unless you're full vegan) antipasti and/or a carasatu flatbread, a pasta, etc. could make a very nice meal.

          I have not been in years (and certainly not since a significant menu revamp focusing on organic foods), but Escopazzo looks like an intriguing option, with veggie choices all throughout the menu, some "raw food" options, etc. I am not a vegetarian and - to be honest - generally shy away from places that focus on this kind of stuff, but it actually looks good even to me.

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        1. Thanks for all your advice. I think we're going to go for Escopazzo as it seems to have the right combination of veggie options and meat and fish (for me!), plus it does a tasting menu with wine, which could be fun as a special occasion treat. There aren't that many posts about it on here though, which worries me a tiny bit. Has anyone tried it recently and able to confirm that it is, in fact, good!?

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            Please report back. I have not been since the significant menu revamp with the focus on organics etc.

            A very recent review in Miami New Times was pretty favorable.