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Jan 1, 2008 09:56 AM

Which Potato Variety for Salad, and Why?

Which potato variety do you use for potato salad and why?
I find flaky potatoes like russets fall apart or disintegrate unless they are under cooked. I'm trying to make the kind of potato salad like they make in Germany and Austria, with a little beef broth, glossy, slightly slimy, but with out a sauce of decomposed potato mixed with the dressing. I'm sure this has to do with potato variety. My best try so far has been with Russian fingerling potatoes.

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  1. I really like red skins for any potato salad. They're waxy enough to hold up to boiling and then incorporating other ingredients without falling into mush. Plus, the skin left on brings a nice bit of color to the salad. That's what they used in Germany when I lived there, but I'm not sure I know the type of salad you described.

    1. Those redskins are often called "new" potatoes. Some grocers will even list which are best for what use. There are also white skinned potatoes that are perfect for potato salads. Russets are a baking potato, and I find they are also very good for lgith whipped/mashed potatoes.


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        I like to use the small Dutch potatoes that Trader Joes sells, but I can imagine using fingerlings as well. Yukon golds are larger, but still a good choice. I haven't tried anything more exotic. It is also a good idea to minimize mixing so they don't crumble or break.

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          any young potato is a new potato - can be any color at all - we most often see the red - but that's only because the reds dont grow as large as the other kinds - so a lot of times they r picked early and sold as new potatoes - only because the farmers dont get as large a yield from them if they let them grow to maturity.