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Jan 1, 2008 08:55 AM

Olive Shop on Jones?

Has anyone tried out the "new" olive and olive oil shop on Jones, south of Danforth? I walked past it last night on the way to a New Year's party, so it was closed...but I'd be more than happy to come back during the day...if it's good...



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  1. Peeked in and didn't really see anything that caught my interest. From what I could tell all they had was only a few brands of tinned olive oil and olives from Greece. Nothing special IMO.

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      Hmmm...okay, thanks... I'd hate to get out there (I live right downtown) and there wasn't anything worth the trip. That said, there are lots of other food shops nearby...:).

    2. I have! I loved what I tried. The oil was green and peppery and I love that the stuff comes from his family's land back home in.......hmmmmm....was it Turkey? Syria? I can't remember now, though he did tell me. Anyway, I'd say give him our support. He's a bit off the beaten track on Jones where he is.

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        Aha - well, that does sound good... I think perhaps we will have to plan a travelling dinner or something...pot luck...even "we bring the food" and have an excuse to get out there, as we were visiting friends when we saw it...


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        1. I biked by the "Olive and Olive Oil" shop on Jones south of Danforth today. I'm mainly interested in oil, so I peeked in the window, and saw bottles branded as Uzel oil from Turkey.

          Looking on the web, the store is described at .

          The town of Gemlik is described at .

          A London (UK)-based store describes different varieties of olives from Gemlik at .

          I'm curious as to the flavour of the oil.

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            I was not too impressed with the taste of the oil and olives. But that said, it is a matter of personal taste as well. I would recommend that you drop by, the staff are very friendly and happy to give you samples of anything.

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              I finally dropped into this place yesterday. I'm wondering how much business thay actually do as all the packages of olives had processing dates of April 2007 and Best Before dates of April 2009! So all the stock in the store is about to expire. I bought two packages of olives with lemon and spices and they are quite tasty.

              They sell olives both in pre-packaged tubs and by weight. I did by 200 gr. by weight but am wondering if that was a good idea as I don't know how hygienic those are - the woman begine the counter (who looks like she just arrived from the Kurdish mountains) scooped some up and expected me to pick some out of that scoop with my fingers. I didn't Just a warning in case you go in there...

              They had some small bottles of olive oil but I didn't really like the golden colour and wasn't willing to spend $14 for 500 ml. unless I was sure it tasted good. The best mid-priced olive oils I have tasted come from Greece, not Italy or Turkey.

              1. re: foodyDudey

                I think they've moved to the north side of Danforth & Jones.

                I was there earlier and they had samples out of both the oil and the olives. A small bottle of oil and a 200g package of olives in "Sozlu Kirma" (some type of special flavoured oil) cost $12 incl. tax.

                The oil has a very nice smooth taste. I know some people prefer oils that have a bit of an after-burn so this may not be to all tastes but I thought it was quite good.

                1. re: The_Enemy

                  Did they have any unfiltered olive oil? And did you have a chance to see any of the packing or expiration dates? Just wondering how fresh things are now...