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Jan 1, 2008 08:13 AM

Schoolhouse NY's Eve menu

Did anyone go last night to the Schoolhouse? Would be interested to hear about the menu.

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  1. I went last night and found it mixed. I went to the 2nd seating(7 courses w/wine pairing). The food was fantastic. Risotto w/ truffles, Oysters & Caviar, Artichoke Soup, Gnocchi(the highlight), Butter Poached Lobster, Venison & 3 desserts. The wines and pairings were not very good. When you start a wine dinner with the waiter coming over and opening up the screw cap on the bottle, not a good start. The wines were adequate(I'm being nice) at best and the pairings just plain strange. Merlot with Lobster? The front of the house needs a lot of work. The plates were just put down with no explanation of what was being served(don't forget this was 7 courses, so it was hard to keep track). A whole lot of serving issues. Things like no coat check, hang it your self. I'm not a snob but when close to $500 there's a lot the front needs to do to catch up to the back of the house. They need a strong manager(front of house) and beverage director. I think they need to do both for the price point they charge

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      Well at least the food was great. Jfood knows you did a lot of research on the NYE event and for this price, perfection is the only standard. Jfood keeps shying away from this place for some reason other than the food which everyone raves about.

      Maybe he'll try for lunch to catch the food and not worry so much about atmosphere and FOH issues.

      Thanks for the review and have a great New Year.

      1. re: stevel

        Glad to hear the food was so good. There are so many good wines switching over to screw caps these days, so even though it looks "off", it could still be a decent wine. It's too bad the pairings didn't work though. It is such a small place with the coat hooks right as you walk in, but I'm surprised they didn't at least hang it for you! I do agree that they could use some more polished waitstaff, even though they are all very nice. Any more details about the food that you could share? How was the gnocchi done? Any amuse bouche?

      2. The original comment has been removed
        1. sibeats,
          This was NOT one of those screw cap wines. I'm a collector, if I'd have known the quality of the wines I would have brought my own.
          There was no Amuse which surprised me. The Gnocchi was with bacon. My wife thought the best she ever had!
          No complaints about the food. They just need a better wine list and FOH.

          1. In their defense- our experience has frequently been that NY's Eve is not a good test of a restaurant. I think space and $ limit their wine offerings. We have eaten there twice, bringing our own wine($20 corkage) and had a great experience each time.

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            1. re: dshaef

              I'm not complaining at all, well maybe a little. They just need some improvement. I will go back!

              1. re: stevel

                no biggie. many of us trust your input. it's a ton of dough (who cares if it's NYE) for a meal and perfection is the only acceptable criteria.

                Jfood spent mid-$200 (no wine - BYO) in NJ and the service was perfect but the food was blech. The servers were happy because they knew the tables were turning 2.5 times through midnight and tips were based on 150-200% of the normal average bill per person.

                NYE is amateur's night in most restos.

                1. re: jfood

                  Why is it a bad start when the waiter opens a screw capped bottle of wine? I'm assuming the wine itself was bad rather than the image the screw cap gives off to some wine lovers that put you off? If you're a collector you will know that the stelvin closure is a better system for ageing your wine than cork...

                  Also regards Merlot matched with could work. Depends on the sauce served with the lobster and the style of merlot...if the sauce was rich and the merlot on the light bodied side it may well work fine. I've had rose champagne with lobster before and it was a perfect match...I also like to pair merlot with grilled tuna now and again...also great match. However, I've never had merlot with lobster but I think it could easily work if done correctly...which presumably it wasn't in your case?

                  However, like you said, if you are shelling out 500 bills then this sort of stuff should not be an issue...manhattan prices with amatuer service really annoys me in FFD county...

                  1. re: Scotty100

                    Whew, read the first line and though, why jfood.

                    This reply is to OP, not jfood. Need to hit "Reply to original post" below for it to show properly.

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                      Both were bad the wine and the image. Yes I have some bottles with screw tops. All mid-level drinkers. As of yet still not many very good wines with screw tops. The jury is still ot on how they age. I'll stick with cork.

                      Champagne and Lobster is a classic match and I had them switch my Merlot for a Champagne. I can drink Pinot with seafood, but not Merlot.

                      1. re: stevel

                        True - its definitely a hot debate...cork versus cap...personally I don't have a problem with the screw cap...I've lost count the amount of times I've lost a good bottle to cork damage...can be extremely frustrating...I'm all for mitigating the risk when collecting.

                        Agree on pinot with seafood...can be outstanding...give the tuna and merlot a might be surprised...

              2. Where is Schoolhouse? I have heard about it and would love to give it a try.

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