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Jan 1, 2008 08:04 AM

Leftover brie from NYE - freeze it?

I have an unopened 8 oz. round still left & and a 1/3 lb. of unopened St. Andre from Trader Joe's. Will they freeze well? Is it okay to return the Trader Joe's one? I bought the latter on Monday. Thanks!

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  1. Cheese does not freeze. Upon thawing the texture will be completely different. Knowing trader joe's- perhaps they will take it back. I'd say eat it anyway or give it as a gift. It'll be good for a while.

    1. Absolutely no not freeze! Get a bottle of wine and have some friends over. Easy and delicious way to entertain.

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        you can also use to create sauce(s).

      2. I made an omelette with mine. Added a little tarragon.

        1. how can you return fresh food to a store - do people not have any honour at all? You bought it - it's food. How can they resell it and why should they take the loss?

          anyhow, brie freezes just fine, I have frozen it many times and it defrosts with no problem albeit slightly changed in texture but still useable if you can't use it this week. If you don't want to make a quiche or a mac n cheese with it.

          1. Freeze the brie, the next time you have company you can wrap it in puff pastry, thaw for a couple of hours and bake it. Your guests will love it!