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Jan 1, 2008 07:56 AM

Searching for French Onion Soup

Has anyone had a memorable french onion soup in any restaurant aroung town?

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  1. The onion soup at Au Pied de Cochon. The broth is made with pork stock and beer and is very rich. There are pieces, no make that chunks, of bacon in among the onions, and a vast amount of very high quality cheese melted over the top. It's a stunner.

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      Couldn't agree more, it's the best onion soup I've had. Still crave it.

      1. I haven't had the APDC soup, so I cannot make any comparison. I'm sure it is very good.

        I do have a soft spot in my heart and stomach for the French onion soup at Rotisserie Laurier. The broth is rich, and the cheese is melted to give very satisfying burnt bits that make melted cheese so appealing. I make no claims that this is haute cuisine, but it is a very comforting soup.

        1. Brasserie Brunoise makes one, and it is memorable, but not for the right reasons, IMO. The broth is veal stock, which I found over-powered the onions. The cheese, on the other hand, was beautifully melted.
          Now, you'd have to travel a few thousand miles, but I found the onion soup at Bouchon amazing. Fortunately, the recipe is included in their book, and if you have a few hours to caramelise some onions, the result is spectacular.

          1. I had a very interesting and non conventional onion soup a couple of weeks ago at Reservoir. It wasn't perfectly executed (i.e. the tuna was a tad overcooked); but the idea was pretty interesting. It was basically a piece of seared tuna floating with the help of a bed of mashed potatoes (I think potatoes, but this mashed potato part is a little blurry), on a sea of beery
            dense onion soup. If only they served the tuna a little bit rare side; it could have been perfect.

            On a side note, some of the servers at Reservoir have a serious attitude problem (eg: they are too cool to look at your table or answer your questions), so I am not sure if I want to try the place again for dinner. But I will definitely bite the bullet for brunch; because their brunches are incomparable.

            1. Try Ty-Breiz on Rachel. Delicious, old style Breton restaurant and creperie.
              Broth is rich, cheese is yummy and nicely melted.
              Go for a salad if you like boston lettuce and garlic.