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Jan 1, 2008 07:45 AM

What is on your New Year's Day menu? What are your traditions?

I will get started on dinner in a little bit. Hopping John, Turnip Greens (i could not find any collards, sadly ) , corn bread and a cob smoked ham. I've got some swell chocolate for a bit of sweet. We might crack open a bottle of Fin du Mond beer to go with.

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  1. No traditions here, just good food! I'm making a baked onion soup. The recipe is a little unusual as it has tomato puree in it and lots of emmenthaler cheese. I haven't made it before, but it sounds perfect for a cold rainy day.

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      It's not a tradition of any sorts, but I made a bread pudding with dried fruit. It came out great - light and moist.

    2. It is traditional in my very German family to make roast pork and kraut with SpƤtzle and potato dumplings.

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        here in pennsylvania dutch land, it doesn't seem like new year's without pork and saurkraut (and I'm not even German!)

      2. No tradition for dinner, but the past several years we've been doing eggs in purgatory for breakfast.

        1. We always do black eyed peas and cornbread...yummy and a relatively healthy way to start the new year. I'm off to find a new recipe, as I am ready for a tweak to the one I've used for years.

          1. We had our traditional korean new year's lunch with rice pasta soup, white kimchee and some persimmon punch (spiked of course)...