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Jan 1, 2008 06:42 AM

Downtown Louisville Ky

I am going to be staying at The Brown for a couple of days this month...any not to miss places to eat (or anything else?)

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  1. I love that hotel!

    Don't miss Lilly's in Louisville. Please have the chicken pot pie. It is magnificent!

    1. Well at the Brown .. have the Hot Brown it's a given, also you could eat at the Seelbach, it's not that far from the Brown..I agree with Lilly's but what are you looking for? and what price range....

      1. The Mayan Cafe on Market is my favorite:

        RAW is interesting (on 4th Street, near the Seelbach). We had an awesome seared ahi/soba noodle salad there that was almost too pretty to eat--and tasted just as good.

        Near downtown on Frankfort Ave are basa and Veranese. We just had a stellar dinner at basa.

        L & N Wine Bar and Bistro is consistently delicious.

        There are many, vastly varied, great places to eat. Check out for reviews, etc.

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        1. re: mamaciita

          I was thinking maybe proof on main...of course a hot brown at the hotel. I really need maybe a dive too just in case we don't feel like putting on the airs one night.

          1. re: LaLa

            Will you have a car?

            The Come Back Inn on Swan Street at Breckenridge is a great little, local, neighborhood Italian place. In Germantown, not far from downtown.

        2. a great dive of a place is Vietnam Kitchen... great vietnamese food.. try the summer rolls, the Pho, the catfish in claypot, the stringbeans with meat.. and the avocado shake... If you like Mexican.. try La Tapitia on Central near Churchhill downs.. it's true mexican, When I go I'm the only Angla in the place.

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          1. re: Lightsuprooms

            Is the La Tapitia on Preston Hwy the same ownership as the one on 3rd St (near Churchill)?


            1. re: TipsyMcStagger

              Drove by today...looks like the Preston Hwy location is closed.


              1. re: TipsyMcStagger

                Disregard that last post. I was looking at the building across the parking lot. There is a (quite large) La Tapatia location on Preston Hwy just north of Blue Lick Road.

                The taco's were inexpensive (about $1.50 each) and very tasty. Great authentic cheap eats find!


                1. re: TipsyMcStagger

                  they are owned by the same family and the tacos are awesome.. they also have a great mexican shrimp cocktail and their tortas..sandwiches,, are excellent as well

                  1. re: Lightsuprooms

                    Still really good to excellent: Jack Fry's and Lily's (Bardstown Rd.); 211 Clover Lane and Jack's/Equus (St. Matthew's); Proof and Mayan Gypsy (downtown); Havana Rumba and Mojitos (the Holiday Manor and St. Matthew's area); Corbett's: An American Restaurant (**** restaurant w/affordable bar and porch food). Sullivan's Cooking School's Winston's Restaurant on Bardstown Rd. is still excellent but only open on weekends. North End Cafe (Clifton): excellent breakfast often w/good local ingredients.

                    Vietnam Kitchen still a great buy for inexpensive food. The
                    Oakroom (when its chef returns in the future) will be an expensive great
                    option. Z's Fusion downtown is promising: we had one really good and
                    one mediocre meal.

                    Come back Inn: don't bother. Lynn's Paradise Cafe: not bad food but mostly just hype.

                    1. re: fresh

                      Update: the Mayan Gypsy has become the Mayan Cafe (Market St., downtown); it's excellent.

          2. In town for a conference and staying at the Hampton Inn on E. Jefferson. Had dinner at the Mayan Cafe, based on recs from this site and hotbytes. Truly delicious dinner.
            I was dining alone and wanted to try a few different things, so I stuck to smaller plates. The seasonal salad with pears, bacon, local goat cheese and blood orange vinaigrette. Bright dressing, creamy cheese, sweet fruit and BACON.
            Had the Charro soup with white beans, chicken, chorizo and jalapenos. It lacked much spice and had a lot of chicken. But clean flavors and warm, stomach-pleasing broth.
            Tamale with shredded beef topped with a luscious mole.
            A side of the lima beans- I don't have a clue what was in them, but they were addictive.
            Finished with a simple bread pudding swimming in a Mexican chocolate sauce.

            Really, just a beautiful meal. Wish I could come back with friends and order some larger dishes to share. The ribeye and scallop dishes (at the next table) looked amazing.

            I'm a Brooklynite, used to a foodie community obsessed with local produce and seasonality. Mayan Cafe hit it, spot on!

            Mayan Cafe
            813 E Market St, Louisville, KY 40206