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Jan 1, 2008 06:30 AM

Muriel's Restaurant, NOLA

Has anyone eaten at Muriel's in the French Quarter and did you enjoy it?

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  1. I have eaten there twice for Sunday brunch and the food has been good but not outstanding. I believe I had the eggs benedict w/ seafood crabcakes the first time. The second visit the waiter suggested I try something else since he didn't think that was the best dish to order, and I appreciated this. I ordered the plain eggs benedict instead. My husband ordered the eggs benedict w/ smoked salmon both times and he loved it. The atmosphere really made up for any lack and my husband wants to go only there for N.O. brunch now.

    1. We love Muriels, we usually eat in the bar area which is great. There are better places for fine dining, but i'd rank it above average. The atmosphere is really a high point, and the bartenders are good. We eat there every time we visit. Great location.

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        Glad to know someone else appreciates the atmosphere!

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          The atmosphere! For halloween 3 years ago my husband dressed as a devil, literally red head to toe, I was dressed in a gothic/belle epoch gown of satin and grey cheesecloth with lots of real chandelier crystals in my white powdered wig. Well we had never been there before and had no idea how wonderful the decor is especially in the red room, when we walked in to that room to our table the entire room became quiet for a second, and then started clapping and laughing good naturedly- some one toasted us saying my husband matched the walls perfectly, and I matched the several chandeliers hanging in that room! All during our yummy dinner people were ditching in to get a look at us in that room. We had a wonderful experience and always go back!

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            That's great! I'm curious. What is good for dinner since I've only been there for brunch?

      2. I had the reveillon menu there before Christmas. The space is cool, but the food was pretty ordinary. Some sort of shallot quiche for 1st course, elk with green beans (5 or so) and fingerling potatoes, and bread pudding for dessert. The elk itself was good, but nothing special about the prep.