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Jan 1, 2008 05:58 AM

Kid breakfast ideas

What to make for breakfast? I don't have time to make breakfast on the weekday morning, but am looking for stuff the kids could make themselves, or I could make ahead of time and they could microwave. Any ideas?


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  1. I've seen many people refer to crockpot oatmeal, though I haven't done it myself. Good idea if they like oatmeal.

    Make whole grain waffles and freeze, then they can pop them in the toaster.

    Soup makes great breakfast, imho.

    What kinds of things do they like to eat?

    1. I always gave my kids Carnation Instant breakfast and our pediatrician thought it was a good healthy breakfast. How about raisin bread toast to go with it?

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        My mom always gave me this growing up. Plus, there's no chance they will accidently burn themselves making CIB. I also was (am) a big fan of peanut butter on toast for breakfast. Good, quick, and simple.

      2. I used to make breakfast burritos on Sunday evening and wrap them individually in wax paper. In the morning they could pop them in the microwave, and eat on the way to school. Nutritious and not messy.

        1. As a kid, I had a huge treat when I got to eat homemade knishes for breakfast. Stuffed with some turkey and warmed up, they are warm and satisfying and portable for moments when you are running late.

          1. I have just one child. What I've been doing lately is making pancakes for her on weekends, then saving the batter for several weekday breakfasts. It keeps pretty well in the fridge.