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Feb 24, 2001 07:09 PM

italian & german/austrian bakeries?

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just returned from a jaunt to los feliz to get cannoli & cookies as sarno's. learned my lesson about trusting zagat & not checking the message board.

i am looking for ethnic bakeries...not those which carry this sort of novelle pastry where everything is a fruit glazed tartlet or flourless ganache covered cakelet.

just to let you know, i think europane (in pasadena) is terrible and fredrico's has what i consider a limited selection (unless you're looking for a cake). i'm trying to find something like sciortino's in milwaukee or mike's pastry in the north end of boston.

hard rolls (kaiser rolls) are a big big big plus!

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  1. Csdara's is a great Hungarian restaurant on Melrose (outstanding veal schnitzel). They also have great pastry desserts which they will happily put in a box to go. My favorite one is the Hungarian version of a Napolean (it has about an inch thick layer of delicious custard in it). The apple strudel is also great. The other little cakes are quite delicious as well. Quite possibly, they import these pastries from another source, but I have no idea where. The quality is high.

    1. The above message "a couple of other ideas" was intended to be posted to this thread.

      1. I love, love, love Porto's cuban bakery in Glendale.
        I like very much the Dutch-American bakery on Glendale Blvd. in Atwater Village.
        There's also a great Dutch bakery in Artesia mixed in with all the Indian joints.

        1. A friend introduced me to an amazing place in Little Tokyo called Frances Bakery & Coffee, at 404 East 2nd Street (Honda Plaza mini-mall), not far from the Geffen Temporary Contemporary Museum. This relatively new, family owned bakery, has a variety of delicious pastries, great coffee, and friendly service. They also make these fresh almond cookies to go that are out of this world.


          1. We need to have a memorial service for Sarno's. I still can't believe they're gone and I am sorely missing their cheese danish and whole baked apple pastry. Alas....