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Jan 1, 2008 02:25 AM

Villagio in Lahaska

I had the pleasure of dining at Villagio the other night with a professional chef. All the tables are big enough to sit comfortably without feeling like sardines. We were right in front of the open kitchen which gave us a chance to see how things were working.
We hadn't brought BYO because we didn't know if they had a license for liquor. The manager brought over two glasses of wine on the house for us. The brought out a tray of olives, roasted peppers, and mushrooms with our bread which was delicious. This was probably the best bread I ever ate!
They changed silverware between appetizer and main course and water glasses constantly filled.
The food was excellent--far better than any italian place in Bucks County for sure. We started with clams de zuppa. The clams tasted like those right out of the bay. They were wonderfully cooked with just the right amount of garlic and wine. The sauce had to be devoured with plenty of bread. I had veal francaise while my dining companion had another veal dish. The veal was as soft as butter. The dishes were served with potatoes and a fresh vegetable which wasn't over cooked but crunchy. All through the meal, the waiter was attentive to our needs. He was very outgoing and friendly and struck up a conversation with us at the appropriate time instead of disturbing our meal.
I highly recommend this place to anyone who is used to the finer italian dining scene. I plan on going back once a week for dinner.

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  1. Great place, also kid friendly.We live close by and also get take-out from there.

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      Where exactly is this restaurant located? Is it in Peddler's Village? Thanks.

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        It is in Peddlar's Village on the same side as many of the clothing outlets... The furthest part of peddlars village off of 202 . (As opposed to 263).

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          It is next to the outlets across the street from peddlers is not in peddlers village.

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            I've been three times and the food is good. Be aware they don't take reservations for fewer than six or eight people and the wait can be long (there are outlet stores in the same center including Coach, Brooks Brothers, Orvis...). In my experience the service has been inconsistent. Most all wait staff was pleasant but sometimes distracted and forgetful. The worst was a snotty hostess who literally turned up her nose when we asked for four wine glasses while waiting; two other groups of people were drinking wine in the same waiting area so obviously someone brought them glasses.

            You're best bet is to order from the regular menu regardless of how great the specials sound. They're over priced and not all that "special." The regular menu is reasonably priced and the chef takes pride in his preparation. They've made improvements to the place but it is fairly loud. During the summer the air conditioning system can't keep the place cool enough as the system was originally designed for a clothing store, not a restaurant with a hot kitchen and a hundred people.

            For Bucks County it's definitely a good Italian restaurant.

        2. re: rhausman

          since this old thread has been woken up, let me add that I also thought Villagio was excessively loud, when it is possible to get in there.

          A nice alternative also in Peddlers Village is Water Lillies... they deserve to be busier than they are.

          9233 Frankford Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19114

          Peddlers Village Restaurants
          PO Box 218, Lahaska, PA 18931

        3. I had dinner at Villagio's last evening, and although the food was very good and the service was attentive, I found the prices to be a little expensive for what you received. I had ordered the grilled shrimp and scallops over spinach for $22 (for 1). The plate came out with 4 scallops and 4 jumbo shrimp and a mound of spinach. While everything was very tasty, the price seemed a lot for just that. It would be nice if a small house salad were included. Or, lower the price to about $15 for this meal.

          They must have done away with the olives, roasted peppers and mushrooms, because we did not receive any of those items that "raisse" above mentioned. The bread, however, was very good. They also did not change out my silverware. In fact, I was missing forks at my place setting and had to ask for them.

          I also found the restaurant to be very loud since it is all hard surfaces (wood floors, brick walls, exposed wood ceilings, no curtains). The restaurant was only half full and I could hardly hear my family sitting across a small table from me talking. I will probably not return. For the price, I'd rather go across the street to Sweet Lorraine's - you get a much nicer meal there.

          9233 Frankford Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19114

          Sweet Lorraine's Cafe & Bar
          Street Rd, Lahaska, PA 18931

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            Agree that Villagio's sound level is excessive. Go early...or late, to avoid crowds and noise.
            Via Ponte in Stockton, NJ, a 15 minute drive away, has extraordinary Italian food, also BYO and more reasonable noise level. Search Jersey board for several threads on Via Ponte.