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Feb 23, 2001 07:20 PM

Fritto Misto in Hermosa Beach?

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I drove down Pier Ave and noticed there is signage for Fritto Misto in the old Dakota Cafe. Does anyone know if this is going to be the same as the restaurant in Santa Monica?
This would be a welcome addition to the present pasta offerings currently available in the area.

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  1. I have been told that this one is under the same ownership, but not by anyone who works there... I'll let you know as soon aas I can find out. I hope so!

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    1. re: Richard Foss
      More of everything....

      This restaurant is the same restaruant as the S.M. location. Good pasta at very reasonable prices. Recommnend bringing your own vino - they only charge you a $1.50 per person for corkage, and only applies to the first bottle.

    2. This Fritto Misto does indeed have the same ownership and menu. Unfortunately it has an even worse parking situation. I drove around the block several times and finally gave up - this on a rainy Tuesday night. What it's going to be like on summer weekends can only be imagined. If only we had functional local public transportation... I love places like Montreal, London, Chicago, and Paris where you can actually rely on the trains.

      Speaking of which, does anybody have any suggestions for restaurants which have good access to the Metro Blue, Red, and Green lines? I like to use the trains when I have to get from the South Bay to Downtown and North Hollywood, and would like to know places to dash off the train and have dinner.

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      1. re: Richard Foss

        Thanks for the update, sorry you couldn't find parking - its the curse of the S.Bay beach cities. For parking in this area, I'd recommend the new parking structure on Hermosa Ave, or if nothing there, try parking off Valley north of Pier in the school lot. Think of it this way - its a way of walking off a big meal.