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Dec 31, 2007 05:58 PM

sport bar in park slope?

Looking for a nice bar that serves wings and burgers.

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  1. 200 Fifth on Fifth, The Lighthouse on Fifth, Johnny Mac's on 8th and 12th and Oceans Pool Hall on Flatbush by the Q Train..... to name a few! Bonnies on Fifth shows all Bufflalo games.

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    1. re: roux42

      200 fifth. it's the biggest, the baddest, and the best. 'nuff said...

    2. The Dram Shop shows all the games and has a killer burger and wings. It's on 9th st bet 5th and 6th ave. Also great beers on tap and pool table and shuffleboard table. The fries are hand-cut from fresh potatoes and i put the burger up against any in brooklyn.

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        1. Never been, but I always see plenty of TVs in the window of Buffalo Wild Wings at Atlantic Terminal. I know, I know, it's an evil chain restaurant, food is terrible, etc etc. Just saying it may be an alternative if you can't find your team on TV anywhere.

          1. I don't want to start a wholly new thread, but is there a place in or near South Slope (I live at 16th/7th) that's likely to have multiple games on at once? I tried unsuccessfully to find any place close to me last Saturday - you'd think that, given the number of TVs on the wall, one of 12th St. Bar's "bar" room, Brooklyn Burger Bar, Johnny Mack's and whatever that NY Jets bar is at 8th st./7th ave would have a sports package, but none do. I'm trying to find somewhere to watch the Texas/Stanford game tonight (CBS isn't showing it in this part of the country), and have struck out so far.

            Is the Dram shop a likely candidate? I see all the comments below about the wings; while I'd like "good" bar food, I really don't care as long as I'm not getting hosed and can get a TV with my game on.


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            1. re: cjd260

              Its not exactly close to you, but Loki Lounge seems to have a sports package (at least during NFL season). And certainly 200 Fifth.

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                try toby's public house on 6th ave at 21st. i haven't been yet but it's not for lack of will...718-788-1186

                1. re: TBird

                  Thanks. I ended up at the Dram Shop on Thursday, then started at Toby's on Friday before moving back to the Dram Shop. Toby's looks intriguing foodwise - the bread from the oven bodes well for the pizzas, which I didn't get to try - but they couldn't show my game, and frankly were a bit pissy even about switching one of the two TVs showing Sky Sports soccer coverage (which I can guarantee nobody in the bar was watching) to CBS for the game on local TV.

                  As for the Dram Shop, it fits the bill. The burger is above average and does indeed come with about a pound of fries, and their beer selection is good enough, not too expensive considering the area ($5 for pretty much any draft), and ice cold. Nothing to make a trip for, but it's about all the South Slope has these days, and that won't draw any complaints from me. I'd even give it an edge over the Lighthouse for the nicer bartenders and less drunk/rowdy clientele (I've seen the Lighthouse get ugly on a couple of occasions when the Pats and Jets have games at the same time).

                  1. re: cjd260

                    awesome and thanks for reporting back.

                    i had high hopes for toby's.

              2. lighthouse is my favorite spot, but Ocean's is a great place with all their tvs