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Dec 31, 2007 04:51 PM

Mo's Island Grinds San Diego

I went over for dinner tonight. I ordered the kalbi ribs with rice. It was great! I loved the marinade they used. I use to go to L&L bbq but their ribs were too salty or had too much marinade for my taste.

My girlfriend was able to talk them into making kalua pork chow mein which turned out great. Next time I go I'm gonna order that!

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  1. I'd give the korean chicken a try too. its bread and deep fried and served with a dipping sauce. Actually, get the korean combo so you get the ribs and the chicken. broke da mouth.

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    1. re: daimyo

      I love the Korean chicken.. I've never had it anywhere else.

      1. re: Ed Dibble

        That was a very informative review! That kalua pork and chicken katsu combo looks awesome!

      2. Looks like Mo's Island Grinds is shut down. Apparently they had some pretty serious violations from the health department. Reportedly, the restaurants on either side (Todo Sushi and Chez Nous) were being impacted by some of the practices at Mo's as well. They were given a few days to clean it up, it didn't get done and the Health Dept. shut them down...

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          If you enjoyed Mo's Island Grinds - Mo has reappeared at Homestyle Hawaiian.

          Homestyle Hawaiian Island Style Food
          7524 Mesa College Drive
          San Diego, CA 92111

          Currently only a one man operation.

          1. re: KirkK

            Wow! I've missed the kalua pork pan fried noodles he use to make. I'll go and check out his new place.