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Dec 31, 2007 03:52 PM

Looking for wild smoked salmon in Halifax area

I'm heading through Halifax on my way back to Montreal, and I need to find some wild (not farmed) Atlantic smoked salmon. I arrive in Montreal at 3, and have a foie gras & sauternes party at 5, so I definitely need to get something on my way home!

Can anyone point me to a store in the Halifax/Sackville/Airport area that sells wild Atlantic smoked salmon? Alternatively, something like smoked char would work.


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  1. Pete's Frootique in Sunnyside mall, Bedford would be your best bet. I'd call ahead and see if they have any....

    1. I think Clearwater still has a store at the airport and they should have smoked salmon.

      Having said that, I don't know any place around here that offers wild Atlantic salmon of any sort. I could be wrong, but unlike wild Pacific salmon which is often available, I cant recall the last time I saw wild Atlantic salmon.

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      1. re: Greg B

        That was my fear. It's just impossible to find unless you have a family member that fishes and smokes their own like I did growing up. Bah.

        Maybe oysters would be a better option. I'll poke around when I get there. Thanks!

      2. i'm not sure, but does the farmers market downtown have such offerings?

        1. Guys
          I'm in the business and there is NO wild smoekd salmon to be had unless you have a native Canadian as a friend. There is no commercial fishery on the east coast for wild salmon. Your best bet is to get some wild coho or king salmon from the West Coast if you want wild.
          That said, Willy Krauch Smoked salmon is wonderful, if a little on the full flavored side. But its from farmed salmon

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          1. re: mhowellgtc

            I was spoiled growing up in Labrador, I tell you. Ah well, it was a moot point in the end - my flght got snowed in and I had to leave from Moncton instead. Thanks anyway!

          2. You wont find any "Wild Smoked Atlantic Salmon" its an oxy moron! Most wild salmon is catch and release and its not the season right now for wild salmon. Here in New Brunswick you can get some great smoked salmon from Wolfhead Smokers and Ovenhead Smokers. Check'm out!