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Dec 31, 2007 03:47 PM

Ortega's in Hillcrest

I am interested to hear if anyone has dined here and his or her thoughts on the restaurant. If so, did you check out their Puerto Nuevo style Lobster? I wonder what role they played in the closing of [across the street] Chilangos?

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  1. I have eaten at Ortega's. It was good, so were the margaritas. Ortega's did not play that big a role in Chilango closing.

    1. I just ate there last night- we go regularly. I had the lobster and it was a nice size, sweet and tender, and I think it was $25. The menu refers to it as grilled, but the two of us who ordered it agreed that it tasted like it was fried Puerto Nuevo style. We meant to ask the waiter about it but after a couple of margaritas we forgot. They also do a good tableside guacamole with roasted garlic and a squeeze of juice from a grilled lime. My two favorite items there are the portobello poblano quesadilla appetizer and the plaintain crusted huachinango.

      I understand that the owners are the same family that own the various Ortega's restaurants in Puerto Nuevo.

      1. We like Ortega's and have been going there for lunch once or twice a month since they opened. The interior is appealing, the hosts always remember us, the food good, and the ingredients fresh and well-prepared. As they have expanded into the adjacent space, the menu too has expanded and become more interesting.

        This is definitely coastal Baja/Puerto Nuevo style cooking instead of the "authentic, traditional, and regional Mexican cooking," that has been much discussed here. But, hey, Baja is becoming a food region -- it was even discussed a few years ago by Rick Bayliss on 'Mexico: One Plate at a Time' (on PBS) when he interviewed a Mexico City chef who was using Baja recipes and wines at her restaurant. I think this is a pretty serious establishment with good management and a mission quite different from Chilango.

        We've had the lobster only once at Ortega's. It was fresh and good and pricey.

        1. We've been to Ortega's a few times and have been happy with it every time. I am not one of those people that is "ohhhh this isn't REAL mexican food" so you have a reference.

          I have gotten the lobster twice, very good and saves you a trip to Puerto Nuevo. I just wish their bugs were a little larger (but not the large tough tourist lobsters haha).
          They have several other things on the menu that look worth trying too.

          1. I've been a few times and the food and service were solid, the atmosphere comfortable, and the margaritas, if I recall, were pretty good. Can't say I'd go far out of my way for it, but if you're in the neighborhood it's a nice friendly place that won't break the bank. In fact I might just go back to try the lobster soon.