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Dec 31, 2007 03:42 PM

Who Stayed In and What Did You Make For NYE?

Mrs. Sippi and I decided a nice dinner and a fireplace was the perfect way to spend NYE.

I came up with crawfish etouffee smothered steak with roasted white asparagus and potatoes (with rosemary garlic seasoning).

Some nice wine, a glass or two of port to wash it down and champagne to celebrate the new year.

So what did you guys do??


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  1. We did it down and dirty. Picked up Popeye's chicken and made homemade french fries and homemade mac & cheese to go with, along with green beans to make us feel like we were having SOMETHING healthy :)

    1. No way I'm braving the masses tonight. I've got a nice port in hand, with chicken curry and a wheat berry apple beet salad on the way. Made a few panna cottas: coffee, almond, and anise-champagne. It's a night to indulge after my insane fitness/work schedule :) Hope you and Mrs. Sippi have a fantastic eve!

      1. Staying in tonight. Making up a huge pot of Ddeok Guk (Rice cake soup) for New Years day tomorrow.

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          Ddeok Guk and assorted Jeon were very good.

        2. We both have colds, so it's ginger ale and leftover matzoh ball soup. I doubt we'll be able to stay awake until midnight, so I'll save the champagne-in-front-of-the-fireplace for another night.


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            I have a cold too. I made "French Onion Soup" (what makes it French?), My wife made Dinosaur kale cooked with shallots and pancetta served on Acme Levan, and a nice ripe raw milk Camembert on pumpernickel crackers with pears. She had wine, I had "cold remedy" tea.

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              Another cold here. Not much in the cupboards, but I was able to put together one of my comfort foods from childhood: salmon and peas in white sauce on toast. That and a couple of shots of bourbon and I was asleep by 10:30 (although awakened by honking horns at midnight). Happy New Year to you all.

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                I think we all need to stop cyber-sampling each other's meals! We're contagious!

                1. re: bards4

                  LOL! But I sprayed Lysol on my cyber fork. Honest!

            2. We always stay in on Amateur Night...

              2 nice dry aged boneless strips
              Pearl onions caramelized and glazed with balsamic
              baby green beans with butter, lemon and garlic
              pale endive leaves stuffed with garlic cheese, pecans and cranberries
              garlic bread
              a nice chilly bottle of prosecco with a pint of raspberries
              Ina Gartens plum tart tatin