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Dec 31, 2007 02:57 PM

Anyone using those MDF type of boards - Epicurean

I have a couple of butchers block I used.
Custom Walnut/Saffras variants, etc.

Never liked the thin silicone ones that come color coded - red, green, etc.

Recently picked up some large 18x12ish boards that are real thin - branded Epicurean. They appear to be similar to MDF like material but does not swell when wet.

So far, I like the fact that's it's light...can throw in in the DW for sanitary purposes and I can just lay it on my block and just swap it out to a *clean* board if needed. I DON't like the way it feels with my knives though. While it has some give, it's not like cutting on a edge grained board by far.

Any long term Epicurean users on the board ?

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  1. I used to use a butcher block cutting board but they kept warping after awhile. I'm sure I wasn't taking care of it properly. I've used the Epicurean for a few years and have no complaints. I bought a larger knock off that I use if I'm cutting up a chicken or something and need another one. FYI, the knock off isn't quite as good.

    1. I got one of the Epicurean boards for my mom a few years ago, and I really don't like cutting on it -- I don't like the way that knives feel on it at all, it's a really big contrast from cutting on wood. If I had to do it over again, I would not get that board.

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        I guess I've adapted to using the new boards and I don't mind how the knife feels. I certainly like it better than cutting on a warped wooden board!

      2. hi there .. I am a former restaurant owner & we used these boards in my place ..4 years of daily use and they were still great ... we used both sides & would put a damp dish towel under them to keep them from sliding... they are tough & went thru a commercial DW without any problems. .. we bought ours at a rest. supply though so I'm not sure of the brand.

        1. CI is rating cutting boards. They didn't like the Epicurean at all. That said, I really like mine.

          1. I used an Epicurean board for a couple years. The convenience and weight are great but it really beats up knives. I won't cut on them at all anymore with my better knives. I just got a Sani-Tuff cutting board about a month ago and it's fantastic. It can't be put in the dishwasher but it's great to chop on and really heavy to boot. They're available at restaurant supply places. I mail ordered mine from Kerekes in Brooklyn.