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Green Street Restaurant

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Has anyone heard of a restaurant in Pasadena called Green Street? Is the "Dianne salad" worth a trip out there? I am in Santa Monica with a bus pass.

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  1. Take a bus from Santa Monica to Pasadena to eat the Dianne Salad at the Green Street Restaurant? It's out of the question. Absolutely not!

    1. Save your money and have a "Cobb Salad" (not your traditional cobb) at California Chicken Cafe on Wilshire at 24th in Santa Monica. It's a great one... with romaine, chicken, feta cheese, avocado, broccoli, carrots, bell peppers, tomatoes, croutons, and a bit of pasta. You select the dressing. It's enough for two meals and only about $7.50. I pick one up about every two weeks when I feel the need for healthy eating.

      1. Last time I had the Dianne salad, which was about 10 years ago, it consisted of iceberg lettuce with whatever additions and a sweetish dressing. Definitely not worth a bus trip.

        1. It's a fairly large "Chinese" Chicken Salad (guh...I hate using the word 'Chinese' in that context) enough for two. They have chopped peanuts for crunch, a sweet dressing, and orange slices. It's good if you're in the neighborhood, but you will be disappointed if you took the bus from Santa Monica.

          1. I don't know about the Dianne as a salad worth a bus trip, but I swear by the Frank's Tortilla Salad, made w. salsa and creamy Italian dressing. The food may not be tippy top, but I love the pleasant atmosphere on quiet Shopper's Lane (almost European). Next door is a credible Indian restaurant too. I have a soft spot for Green Steet. I'm not sure if there's an equivalent in Santa Monica worth a bus trip from my Hollywood home.

            1. There are far better restaurants and far better salads in Pasadena if you're going to schelp all the way from Santa Monica on the bus. Truly, are you a salad-hound? Or just trying to lay to rest the over-rated rumors of the Dianne Salad? I prefer almost any of the salads at Twin Palms any day.

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                Every little breeze seems to whisper that the Dianne salad is not worth eating, let alone riding on three different bus lines for half the day to eat. The only reason I asked is that someone compared it to the exquisite Chinese Chicken Salad to be found at Feast From The East on Westwood Blvd. I think I will try Twin Palms next time I am in Pasadena.

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                  I grew up eating the various salads at Green Street over the last 15 yr. I have to say that I have been sadly disappointed in the overall decline in quality there. So now when I go home to visit the folks in Pasadena, I try to eat at Marston's, which has wonderful, innovative salads. If I ever had to eat breakfast and lunch at the same restaurant, it would have to be at Marston's. Couldn't say the same for most places...

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                    Tom Armitage

                    Marston's has had a recent change in ownership, but the new owners have promised not to make a lot of changes in the breakfast and lunch menus. So it sounds like the most popular breakfast and lunch items will survive, at least in the short run.